Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Siblings in April

These two sisters have had two whole weeks together. It has been 90% lovely and 10% bickering and arguing. Last week, i took Elle to London for the day and Mia stayed at her Nana's house for a sleepover for the first time on her own. When we took Mia up to the house for her sleepover, Elle cried because she didn't want to leave her sister. She cried in the car all the way home and spent the whole next day asking for her. As soon as we returned from London, there was a running hug movie kind of scene! Elle picked her up and spun her around whilst Mia gave her one of her squeezy cuddles. They hate being apart from each other. It really makes me emotional to see them together. They call each other best friends. 

The time has come where, after bedtime, they go into each others rooms not knowing that i can hear them running around or giggling together. It actually reminds me of being little. Me, my sister and brother would go in each others rooms and we would hear a "get to bed" from downstairs and we were always amazed at how mum knew we were out of bed! I find myself doing the same. Standing at the bottom of the stairs and saying "bed" in a firm voice and i see one of them whizzing across the landing to run back into their room for it to happen again only 5 minutes later. We have thought about letting them share a room because Elle is always asking but Mia isn't a great sleeper. We are hoping that when she starts school in September, that she will start to sleep through the night and then we might consider allowing them to share together. Both girls are so excited for Mia to start school. They will share a playground and Elle is always talking about being excited to play with her at lunchtimes and playtimes and seeing her in assembly. I know that Elle will look out for her sister and they will continue to be the best of friends even at school.

"Siblings" is a monthly link up where myself and 6 other bloggers all share a photo of their children and then we each send you off to look at another blog. You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the wonderful photographs and then why not link up yourself if you have two children or more! This month, i am sending you over to Katie at Mummy Daddy Me. Her blog is filled with beautiful and enchanting photographs of her two little ladies, LL and Mads. It is definitely one of my favourite blogs!

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

For no reason at all

Sometimes i like to take photographs for no reason at all but to create and photograph. When i feel anxious or feel like my confidence is slipping away, i pick flowers and try and create beautiful images. It is like therapy and it always makes me feel better. I love styling and the editing afterwards. I have always loved creating images just because. For no reason at all except to be going through the motions of photography. In the summer, one of my favourite things is to take my camera with me out on my bike and to just take photographs. I photographed anything that i feel connected to. It could be the swans in the water or the birds flying in the sky or a patch of trees in a meadow. I love to capture and to keep those memories. I think that is why i love to photograph the girls so much. I love to try and always capture a part of them that i haven't managed to before. A certain facial expression or body movement that they do. I love to be able to tell a story or capture the most precious moment and to always have those images.

Creating something is in my blood whether it is a photograph, a cake or a flower crown. Just being able to make something myself, to create something completely new is so exciting and wonderful and i always feel so inspired. I feel a purpose and like i am achieving something. That i am doing it for a reason. To inspire someone else, to move someone or just to make someone smile. It is really all i can ask for. I love to photograph for no reason at all but when i do, i hope it inspires. I hope it does make someone smile or move someone.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Blossom flower fairies

      (Elle wears Alexa blush flower girl dress/ Mia wears Alexa white flower girl dress both by BHS)

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful fairy Queen called Clementine. She was to marry the King of the Elves the very next day. Clementine asked two flower fairies, Elle and Mimi, to go to the plum orchard to collect blossom to make her wedding day crown. The two flower fairies gathered up their baskets and headed to the orchard. They wanted to collect the most beautiful of the blossom for their queen. They danced around the orchard filling their baskets. When their baskets were full, they returned back to Queen Clementine's castle who made the most beautiful wedding crown you ever did see!

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Springtime adventures

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that we huge adventurers and explorers. We are happiest when we are by the water or in a forest. The girls love to look for bugs and birds and now the spring is here, we like to take our nature books out with us to identify a new animal, flower or tree that we find. The girls love looking through the books and finding something new. Elle then loves to draw or write about nature in her nature journal. We are now in the Easter holidays and i just love having days to spend with the girls in the woods and meadows. Spring to us is about adventures, blossom picking. baking, and flower collecting. Elle and Mia also love to press flowers that we find and then use them in paintings and drawings. Elle keeps asking for an easel to take to the woods with us so she can sit and paint or use flowers in her artwork. She reminds me so much of Beatrix Potter!

I have put together a few ideas of things you can do during the holidays or over Spring and Summer. Something i cannot wait to do with the girls this spring is star gaze in the garden. Elle has asked for a telescope for her birthday and we will be getting her one so she can star gaze our of her window. She loves space and it will be the perfect gift for her. We are also looking to expand our nature book collections. We love sitting in bed at night time and looking at all the different birds or flowers and learning. Another thing we shall be doing this spring is painting in the woods. As i mentioned, it is something that Elle has been asking to do. I would take some small easels and canvas's with us into the woods and allow the girls to sit on logs and paint what they wish. They both have an art wall in their rooms and the addition of their own canvas's is something they would love! We can spend hour in the wood and meadows or down by the river and ponds and it doesn't cost anything. Once you have your books etc, the day is free and you can spend hours upon hours just being creative. What will you all be getting up to this holidays?

                                                             (All from The Works)

(this is a collaborative post)

Thursday, 2 April 2015

A playdate in the forest

                                                                    (All iphone photographs)

We are so happy that it is the Easter holidays and yesterday, the girls and i met up with fellow blogger Hayley from Shutterflies and her two children. I had met her once before at a blog camp event but we didn't really get to talk a lot so yesterday was wonderful. The children instantly got on and we had an amazing adventure in the forest. I was gutted that i left my memory card in my laptop though! I wanted to take some photographs and make a little video of the day but when i got to the forest, i switched on my camera to discover that i had forgotten it! We also had an eventful end of the day when i went to get the car key out of my bag to find that it had fallen out of a small whole somewhere in the forest! Cue me having to sprint the whole track that we took in wellies. I was panicking so much and my husband called whilst i was looking. I must have sounded crazy on the phone as i didn't want him to know i had lost the car key, especially as it was his car i was driving! I had basically given up hope and thought i would look in a bramble that i had carried Elle over right at the end of our walk and i found it! I nearly got down on my knees and sang a hallelujah song right there in the brambles! I am so thankful to Hayley for keeping my girls entertained in the park and for sticking around to make sure we didn't get locked in the car park that was about to close.

It is so lovely to meet other mums who have the same outlook on life and parenting as you do. I have met so many lovely people (on and offline) through this little blog of mine! I have a few events coming up this month that i am going to on my own and facing my fears of meeting people i don't know. I wouldn't have done this at all last year as my anxiety would have taken over but this year, i am pushing myself to be more confident and not let anxiety and fear of judgement stop me from meeting new people.