Thursday, 15 January 2015

Siblings in January

I took a few photographs of the girls in the woods but this one picture shows the real bond between my girls. Elle said "Can i hug her Mama?" and who was i to say no. It is what they spend most of their time together doing.

Lately, Elle has been very curious about how babies come out and are made. The latest conversations between the girls are about what they did in my tummy before they came out. Mia said a few weeks ago " Mama, i had such a lovely time with Elle in your tummy. We had teaparties and played games but then she came out and left me in there on my own." Elle then piped up "Yes Mama, we had such lovely times in there and i didn't want to come out and leave her in there". Elle keeps asking how long Mia was in there all on her own before she was allowed to come out. She is very concerned that she left her sister on her own and that her sister was sad. It really pulls on my heart. I have explained to her that she wasn't made then but they seem to both believe so much that they were together in there and they talk alot about their special time in mummies tummy. I love that they talk about this time together and how it makes them giggle and laugh and how they completely believe in their hearts that they have always been together. Two nights ago, I let Elle sleep in bed with me as Gilles is away working and i told her that i am the one person in the world that knows her more than anyone and she said "No Mama, Mia does".

"Siblings" is a monthly link up where myself and 6 other bloggers all share a photo of their children and then we each send you off to look at another blog. You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the wonderful photographs and then why not link up yourself if you have two  children or more! This month, i am sending you over to Lucy at Dear Beautiful. She is the beautiiful Mama behind Siblings and has the most beautiful children. Her blog is just enchanting!

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Milou & Pilou

Back at the end of last year, we were lucky enough to be sent these wonderful traditional girls coats from the company Milou and Pilou. We found each other on Instagram and i instantly fell in love with their clothes. I am always looking for traditional style clothes for the girls to wear as i find it hard to find what i want on the high street. Instagram is an amazing platform to find original and beautiful items. I am completely in love with these coats. They get commented on where ever we go and i love teaming them up with some pixie hats. Both the green and navy coat are in the sale over at Milou and Pilou's website and i couldn't recommend them enough. Both coats have the sweetest floral pattern cuffs and collars. They are also perfect for our little photoshoots!

Milou and Pilou also sell wonderful floral print dresses. We have our eyes on the loveday dress and the Liberty purple dress for spring. Everything is in the sale so you could pick up some wonderful pieces!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Somerset life magazine

Last year, i was lucky enough to be asked to be in the Artful Blogging magazine. It was a wonderful feature and something i am very proud of. From that feature, i was asked to be in Somerset Life magazine and i am pleased to say that it has now been published and i love it. Every year, i take the girls to some wasteland near our house to pick buddleia to make crowns and this was the feature for this magazine. The girls love that they are in two magazines!

Wednesday, 31 December 2014


2014 has been a funny year. We have had wonderful adventures but i have struggled a lot with my anxiety and haven't really felt myself most of the year. I have already started putting little bits into place to focus on my self and my health in 2015. I have joined the gym and already been twice since i joined three days ago. I have been inspired to write again also. I love writing little fairytales or just tiny short stories. I don't want to set myself goals this year to do as i never complete them and i don't want to put myself under pressure. I am going to take this year as it comes. Be presence, enjoy it and be me! Every year i do a little recap on the year. You can see my 2013 recap here and my 2012 recap here.

Happy new year to you all. x

January - We made golden crowns/ I made a video of Elle answering some questions/ Siblings/ We had some adventures here and here/ I made a gold leaf crown/ I shared how to make Valentine's sailing boats.

February - Siblings/ Two little adventures here and here/ I shared how to make a pressed flower ice bowl/

March - A little bit of spring/ I talked about bringing up tiny explorers/ Siblings/ We discovered a new wood by Elle's school and fell in love with it/ We found the most amazing two toned blossom tree/ I shared my new key cabinet/ Mia turned three/ The girls did pretend fishing at the magic pond.

April - I shared my thoughts on being creative and being a mother/ I upcycled an old rusty wire rack/ Siblings/ A little adventure by the water/ We made our very own bird nests/ I shared some favourite adventure photographs from 2013/ I shared Elle's nature journal/ I made a botanical print wall.

May - We explored the apple orchard/ Siblings/ I talked about how i love to keep the flowers the girls pick/ I shared a wonderful weekend/ We visited the windmill/

June - We had a picnic at a castle/ I revamped my bedroom fireplace/ I made apple crumble cupcakes/ Siblings/ I shared my handmade fabric recipe book/ We went strawberry picking/ Canals, strawberries and wild flowers/ I went on a late evening photography walk/

July - We picked buddleia and made crowns/ Siblings/ Elle wrote her first book/ I talked about my growing love for my husband/ We went plum picking/ I shared my best friends hen party/

August - Elle made a handmade book for her teacher/ Siblings/ I shared our holiday to Norfolk here and here/ I had a feature in Artful Blogging magazine/ We discovered the most beautiful heather field/

September - Siblings/ We headed back to the heather meadow/ I shared some beautiful drawings of the girls.

October - I share some photographs of me and the girls in the heather/ I share a diy on how to make wire picture frames/ Siblings/ We made toffee apples/ We collected conkers/ I shared my record player corner/ We carved pumpkins/ I shared a diy on making a toadstool fairy garden.

November - Elle put on a wooden puppet theatre play/ Siblings/ We made a fairy house in the woods/ I shared the handmade advent calendar that i made the girls/ We went to the christmas tree farm.

December - We decorated a lonely tree/ We made a gingerbread house/ Siblings/ The girls put on a shadow puppet show/ I shared our siblings round up for the year.