Monday, 15 December 2014

Siblings year round up













Siblings for 2014 is over. Looking back through this photographs makes me so proud but a little teary. The love between these two little people is something i will never be able to explain. They hold hands all the time, they are forever hugging each other and when one isn't around, the other will always look for them and ask for them. When we pick Elle up from school, she runs straight to her sister and squeezes her so tight. I am so excited to be continuing this project next year. This project has given me the most amazing opportunity to capture the growing bond between these sisters and to be able to be creative with them and capture them as they are and to capture those giggles and hand holding and squeezable hugs that are just an every day, normal thing for them but the most heart pulling thing for me. I couldn't be more proud of them both!

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Our shadow puppet show

Day 13. Let's put on a shadow puppet show.

Last year, the girls put on their first puppet show as an advent activity and i had already planned with my best friend, Hannah, that we were going to do it again this year. Last night, just before bed, Elle said that she wishes that the activity for today was to do a shadow puppet show. She even asked Father Christmas out loud if he could make it our activity for today. Well, that Santa is a very magical guy as he had already planned that today was going to be the shadow puppet show day.

Hannah came around for our annual Christmas day and we opened presents before making another gingerbread house. We made another one for two reasons. Firstly, Hannah always makes a house with us and hadn't managed to this year and secondly, our naughty little doggy decided he wanted to eat the one we made last week! We made the house which is now high up on a shelf out of the way from hungry doggies! When it started to get dark, we set up a sheet across some chairs and the girls did some practising with their puppets before the show began. Last year, the puppets were woodland animals and this year, i really wanted to do a fairy tale theme. I downloaded the princess and the pea and little red riding hood puppets from adventure in a box. There was a lot of giggling, silly accents and a little bit of grumpiness but it was lovely and the girls had a great time. I am already looking forward to next year!

Friday, 12 December 2014

My new year living room

When it comes to my home, i have a unique sense of style. I love to incorporate lace dresses and flower crowns and art prints on all the walls. I love to create feature walls and i love making things also to display on the walls such as fairy wings, gold crowns and garlands. I tend to spend a lot of my time thinking about wall spaces instead of the furniture. We do have a few lovely pieces of furniture around the house such as my white french dresser in the kitchen and my vintage dressing table in the bedroom that i use as a craft desk. We have never really had the budget to spend on larger pieces such as the perfect sofa or cabinets. We tend to pick them up from second hand shops and i haven't really found anything that is just right for our rooms yet.

One of the main rooms i would love to change is the living room. We have a huge wooden fireplace which i completely love and i have that dressed up to my own style but then the rest of the room is quite blah. We have a wall paper that i really don't like on one of the walls and a fabric sofa with a leather chair. It just doesn't seem to work and i would love to spruce this room up a bit. Furniture choice as some beautiful key pieces that i would love to have in the room to work around. There are two styles that i love. I love the cream sofas with the beautiful floral cushions that bring a sense of french shabby chic to the room but then i also love light leather that i can then create a rustic theme around. I think i have decided that the room needs a more rustic feel as we have wooden floors and the wooden fireplace and i think that would work a lot better in the space.

This sofa is exactly what i love. The faded distressed look would look perfect with our wooden floors as they have the same feel to them. I would match it with some lighter cushions and a lovely beautiful throw over the back.

We have a large space in the living room and i have always thought about getting a table. I would actually use this to the side of the sofa instead of the middle for now as the girls like the space to get our as many toys as they possibly can! I have a few wonderful books and magazines that would look great in the centre of this table.

We have a few alcoves in room and one at the moment is taken up by a computer that we don't need. I have been thinking about what to put there and i love this side board. It would be perfect to keep the paper work that is on the computer table and then a few of the toys in the main cupboard to keep the toy box looking a little neater!

At the moment, we have a really flimsy table as our tv stand. My husband has a few gadgets and his game console and this cabinet would be great to store all of the cables and control pads and for the space to look a lot neater!

I am hoping to start making some changes in the living room over the next year. I am going to start with getting rid of the wall paper and creating my woodland animal wall feature that i have wanted to do for a while and then look into getting new sofas. I think once the sofas have been changed, it is then easier to start envisioning how a room can look and i know i shall be more inspired to create the perfect living room for us.

(this is a collaborative post, all opinions are my own)

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Siblings {December}

It is December. Month 12. Our favourite month of the year and i think my favourite photographs of the girls so far!

These two never fail to surprise me. Elle's favourite thing to do right now is to hug people by their heads and squeeze them to death! Her poor sister gets the brunt of it but Mia is very good and just let's her now. Occasionally she will pipe up with a "get of my head!!!"

These photographs were taken in the forest. We were on the tree top walk and down below, i spotted a teepee. I eyed it up and told my husband that we couldn't leave until i had found it so when we got back to ground level, we went on an adventure through the brambles to find the teepee. The girls instantly went into play mode. They don't even need to discuss what they are going to play. Elle walked into the teepee and announced it was their house and Mia just followed her lead and went to collect more wood to bring in doors for the fire. It feels like they have created this secret magical world and only those two know about it. Sometimes i feel like they are the same person!

This is the end of this years Siblings but i am excited to start another year next month. I shall be sharing all twelve main images in a round up post soon! I am excited to see all twelve together and seeing how these two fairies have grown over the last 12 months.

"Siblings" is a monthly link up where myself and 9 other bloggers all share a photo of their children and then we each send you off to look at another blog. You can then go around in a circle, viewing all of the wonderful photographs and then why not link up yourself if you have two  children or more! This month, i am sending you over to Lucy at Dear Beautiful. She is the most amazing mother to BB and BG and her blog is a feast for your eyes! Stay a while and have a long read :) 

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Monday, 8 December 2014

Kajsa Wallin

A while ago, i started following Kajsa Wallin on instagram. Her illustrations are so enchanting and whimsical. She kindly offered to send me one of her small treasure calendars and it arrived along with some of her prints. I was just blown away. The calendar is just perfect and i am so excited to start using it in January. If you are looking for a unique and beautiful calendar to start of the year, this is the most perfect one!

Kajsa is an illustrator, creator and flower lover from Sweden. You can follow her beautiful instagram here.

                                               (Above 5 images taken from Kajsa's website)