Sunday, 2 August 2015

Back to school with George at Asda

Mia starts big school in September. My tiny little lady is going to school with her sister!

We were asked by George at Asda if we would love to collaborate with them on their back to school range and i jumped at the chance. We love their clothes and, as there is an Asda on the school run, we often pop in to look at their childrens clothing. It is such amazing quality and for such an amazing price. I was blown away with the school uniform range. They have everything you could ever need for your little ones including book bags and sports bags. I sat down with Mia and we went through the website to look at what she would like. She picked out her shoes and pinafore and then we got the basics such as tights, socks, p.e kit and polo shirts. She wanted red t-shirts because she is going to be in the red house along with her sister so they get to wear their school house colours for sports. I am so pleased with the shoes. I love tbar shoes and the ones we picked were only £10. They have a lovely cushion around the back of the ankle to provide support and comfort and they just look very traditional and sweet. Mia loves them too as they have pink butterflies on the bottom! She keeps asking to wear them all the time but i have told her to keep them away so they don't get ruined before she even starts school!

i love all the clothing. We were given a budget of £70 and we managed to get everything we would possibly need for Mia to start as well as a book bag for Elle and a my little pony satchel for Elle too for her school books and work. She is super pleased with her satchel and for only £7, it is amazing! i want one! You can find the full back to school range for boys here and for girls here.

Monday, 27 July 2015

The windmill meadow

                                                         (girls dresses c/o Leopold & Livia)

When i was younger, i loved this meadow by the windmill. I would walk here from my grandma's house and any time we would drive to her house, i would always look out in the distance to get a glimpse of the windmill. It is such a special place to me and it has been so lovely to bring the girls here to share this magical place. Last year, the meadow was a rape seed meadow but this year, it is this beautiful golden corn and looks like something out of a fairytale. Every time i step into this meadow, i feel calm and completely at ease. The girls and i are starting to build up a list of special places that we love to visit and i cannot wait to find more places over the summer to share and adventure in with these two little ladies!

An autumn home list

(all images from Homify/ prestigious textiles and concept interior design and decor) )

I write alot on my blog about Home and Interiors. It has become a real passion. I just love creating beautiful spaces in my house and changing around pieces of furniture and wall features for the seasons. As well as our family home, the house is also where i work from so i like to be inspired and to create inspiring rooms that i want to spend time in. I have a never ending list of things i want to do in the house and items i would like to purchase and i love sharing them with you all. 

Even though we are in the middle of summer, i love to plan ahead and i am always on pinterest looking at ideas and inspiration to bring into my home. From September, Mia starts full time school and i have been making a list of things i want to do in the house. I am always at my happiest when i am creating something whether that be crafting, photography or interiors and being able to have the time to spend on my home and making it become just how i want it to be is something i am really looking forward to.

                                            (all images from Homify/ The Cotswold compnay and Barnes Walker ltd  )

-The first thing i want to do is to create an alfresco area outside my back door. I have a strip that runs down the side of the house and i haven't ever really done much with it. It seems to be where the girls keep their bikes but i want to string up lights and have a little table and chairs out there for my husband and i to sit in the evening or the girls to sit in the mornings for breakfast. I cannot wait to get that area sorted. It is something that has been on my list to do for many years and i am hoping that by next summer, i will have completely redesigned that space.

-Our bedroom. I have my craft area in the bedroom which i completely love and won't be changing but i would love to rearrange the rest of the room and freshen it up. We have an olive green wall at the moment which i want to change to a lighter colour or even back to white. I also want to pull up the carpet in the bedroom and have wooden floors and add a rug. Most of our house is wooden floors except the stairs, upstairs hallway and our bedroom. In September, that is one of the first things i want to do in the actual house. I am dreaming of having wooden floors in my room!

-Bathroom. The bathroom is quite small and next to our sink, we have a two drawer storage unit. The girls have a large selection of bath toys such as swimming mermaids, baby baths and ponies and i would love to upgrade the storage unit to a four or five drawer unit so we can store the girls bath toys away instead of having them on the side of the bath. I would also love to add hanging plants and lots of little succulents on the window ledge.

-Both girls need bigger beds. Elle is outgrowing her toddler bed and i Mia is quite tall and i know that as soon as Elle has a new bed, Mia will want one too! I am hoping to get them new beds before the winter sets in. They both need new curtains too and i am hoping to add a rug into both of their rooms.

As you can see, i have a big list but i am excited to make little changes around the house just to make it a better living space for us all.

(alfresco set and outside seat from Maze Living/bathroom cabinet from fruugo/Armoire from La-maison-chic/bed from Ikea)

Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday, i'm in love

These beautiful measuring spoons from 7 doors studio are wonderful!!

We love paper dolls here and i would love to add this little rabbit to our collection.

Paperchase do amazing posters in their London store. I went in there this week and picked up this amazing poster above and a celestial chart for the girls rooms. I just wish they had a botanical print one but i am hoping one comes in soon!

Picking out our summer down duvets from I always get excited to get a new summer duvet and, of course, that means i will have to get a new duvet set aswell!

Talking about duvet sets, every summer i like to buy a new bittersweet inn duvet set from HomeSense/t k maxx. I love them so much and have four already!

This book is on my wish list! I have loved the look of it for along time and this week i managed to find a copy and have a peek through it. It is so wonderful!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Summer duvets

Summer is well and truly here. We have such lovely plans for the summer. The girls are now on their 6 weeks holiday and i am in full summer cleaning house mode! I am very much one of these people that are a tidy house, tidy mind and i also feel so much calmer and organised when the house is neat and tidy. In the summer, i also love to wash our bedding more regularly and use my white duvet covers with the lace trims. They always give me a summer feeling and look fresh and clean. I also like to pick wild flowers and have them in glass bottles on my bed side table. To me, that is the epitome of summer!

At this time i year, i also like to change over my duvet to a summer duvet. Our room is the hottest in the house and because we live on a main road, i don't like to have our windows open because the early traffic always wakes me up! We are about to change over to a summer duvet and i have been researching on the best type of duvets and the best togs. I feel that we need the lowest to possible this year. Last year, we bought a 7.5 tog but it was slightly too warm so i am hoping to pick up a 4 tog this year. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet! I love the look of the summer down duvets from

For the girls, we are going to get light duvets as well because children become much warmer at night time due to them being smaller and trapping more air under the duvet. They start off sleeping on top of their current duvets but end up under them during the night so i am looking forward to getting their duvets and for all of us to have much more comfortable nights!

(this is a collaborative post)

Monday, 20 July 2015

Garden love

Gardening is a huge passion of mine. Even though i don't have a big garden, i love to plant and one of my favourite programmes is Gardening world. Monty Don is a hero to me and his garden at Long Meadow just takes my breath away. For my birthday two weeks ago, my mum took me to a local garden centre and i got to pick out some plants for my garden. I couldn't have been happier walking around the garden centre, picking lots of plants i wanted and then spending the evening planting them in my garden. I cannot wait for that day where we buy a house in the country with a big garden and i can spend hours and hours planting!

I am always trying to improve my garden as we have a section alongside the house that leads down into the garden that has lovely white walls. I want to add a few little bits there, as well as an al fresco area to enjoy this summer. I am in love with the garden products (and home products) from Red Candy. I love making wish lists and sharing my favourite products with you all that i love and i shall be sure to show you all my garden as it blooms and progresses!

                                                      (all items from Red Candy)

(this is a collaborative post)