Thursday, 8 September 2011

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Mama to my sweet girl, Jemma, and wife to my superhusband and Jemma's superdad, Dominic. I share about our days over at That Mama Gretchen sprinkled with memos about our attachment parenting experience, thrifty finds, and crafty projects. Stop by for a visit, we'd love to have you!

Instagram - Kleechford
Hey there! My name is Kaity, and I'm the proud mama blogger over at As We Grow. 
I'm a military wife, and have an almost 7 month old son, Tucker. We also have another little bean
on the way! I love to blog/vlog, and share my everyday happenings with all of my lovely friends and followers. 
I would love it if you came by and said hello! Maybe even stayed awhile ;)

Instagram - secretsofabutterfly

I hope my blog is a place where upliftment can be found.
Where i share what is meaningful and magical to me in the everyday.
I wish for it to be a little quiet corner, like a peaceful secret garden
where its possible to stop and find a moment of calm,
be inspired by others crafts, discover fellow bloggers,
find an idea for an outfit, or a gift for a friend.

Through having had health difficulties for a long time,
i find i am more aware of what really matters to me.
That it is the little things that are the most valuable.
Family, friends, nature, garden, writing, creating & peace of mind.
I think this is then reflected in how i blog.

As well as sharing pretty finds and creations,
I like to write about what gives me hope and what i find nutures my soul,
as i take steps towards greater health returning.

While keeping my blog since march 07, i have connected with so many lovely people and felt such kindness and creativity within the blogging world - thank you !

I'm Eliza from BabyBound, a blog about my journey to motherhood. The day I started my blog I was feeling quite down about being so far away from having a family. My husband and I tried on and off for a while and nothing. We decided to take 6 months to volunteer in Bolivia and start trying again once we were back on U.S. soil. However, when we arrived in Bolivia my husband had thoughts about waiting a little longer to have a baby while my urge was only getting stronger. My heart was crushed and I didn't know who to talk to, so I turned to the web. On March 20th 2011 I started BabyBound, my very own journal about my struggles and hopes for our one day family. It was my dream that someone out there who shared my feelings would feel... encouraged by my opening up. Change of plans! My husbands brief moment passed and he was back on the baby wagon. We started researching ways to get pregnant since it didn't work in the past. Those first two months felt like an eternity and I was sure that I needed professional help but by the second month I had a big fat positive. Now, we are having a blast getting ready for our little bundle of joy!



  1. Some coincidence that they're all gorgeous! lol

  2. Darling you are so sweet to compile this and add all the links :)
    it's an honour to be on your blog, loved your Mollie Makes post today
    Luv kat xx



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