Friday, 22 June 2012

Friday, i'm in love

This is a new feature that i am starting today on the blog. I shall be sharing what i love right now and links that i have found that are just wonderful.

This week, i am obbessed with wild flowers. I made a garland out of an old wildflower book i found at a car boot years ago. I have also taped up flower pictures around the house to give the house a summer feel.

I have fallen head over heels in love with this little blog. I shall be sharing Hanna's love story next week.

Elle NEEDS these and mia NEEDS these.

We are hoping to get some time to do this DIY project soon.

I have been spending alot of time on etsy recently and i am in love with this shop

I have a few weddings booked to take pictures at and i have been scouring the web for inspiration. i just love this wedding and this wedding video.

My husband has asked me to dye my hair dark. When we met, i had dark brown hair and then i had black hair for a year or so. i have had my hair this colour for three years now and i am a bit nervous about going dark again but im seriously considering it. Maybe i might just do a golden brown as a compromise.



  1. Love love love that day bed! I need something similar for my garden! perfect place to have a cup of tea in the morning :) x

    1. i know! i found that link a year or so ago and we tried to work out where we would put it if we made it. We are hoping to get it made up as Gilles has alot of old crates at work. Thinking the garden too as we have a tiny outhouse we could keep it in when its not sunny

  2. The moccasins (sigh!) the cutest!
    And if you do dye, don't go too dark!
    I like your colour as it is now :) xox

    1. arn't they so cute. i would love a pair of the thunderbird ones myself but they are so expensive, even second hand!
      i am thinking about going similar to mias colour. a golden brown colour x



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