Friday, 11 January 2013

Friday, i'm in love

I have bought back this lovely feature where i share what i love this week and what i have learnt.

-I really want this phone case. Isn't it just beautiful? In fact, the whole shop is and i wouldnt say no to a few brooches, plates and necklaces from there.

-I would love this also! I would use it to paint one of the walls in my bedroom. And its not too pricey either.

-I won a subscription to anorak magazine yesterday, and i am very excited! My first magazine is being posted out today!

-Elle loves making up little songs. I have started to write down what she sings as she is singing and will be sharing a post soon with you all and maybe another video or two.

-My dear friends over at Miss teapot dress up have lots of wonderful acorn necklaces back in stock that are filled with minature fairy treasure.

-Mia is saying so many words now and her little voice and phrases remind me so much of Elle at that age. Her favourites this week are "oh no mama" "sorry mama" and "look mama". She really is sweet sweet sweet

-I am trying to find ideas for Mia's second birthday in march. I am thinking a little woodland teaparty.

-We are heading out to the park and river later so Elle can take some photographs. We need to make the most of our outdoor time before the big freeze hits next week!

Let me know if you do a post similar and link it in the comments so i can have a look at some of your favourites. Also, don't forget about the giveaway. It ends this evening!


  1. Love this post. Also love that paint roller - I've already "pinned" several of those. Want...

    Miss you all x

    1. Arn't they fab!!! want want want aswell :) x

  2. Aww! thanks so much for the love dear one. :) C and i really appreciate it. xx
    What a lovely phone case that is! I wish they had pretty itouch cases as that is what i use. Anorak mag looks super fun! me want. :)
    Mia sounds like a little princess. :) I can just imagine her little sweet voice.


  3. I love this! And Mia is so cute and sweet <3 Hopefully you'll get what you want soon, heh x

    1. Thank you Mandy, you are always so lovely with your comments x



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