Friday, 26 April 2013

Friday, i'm in love

I have just discovered this wonderful magazine and i have read all the back issues. Its a free online magazine and simply wonderful.

Belle and Boo have just bought out a stationary range. Elle starts school in september, so i shall be getting her a few bits from there.

I am on the hunt for a vintage raleigh bike. I had a vintage bike a few years back called Fifi but she needed more work than we could have afforded and i had to stop riding her. My husband has said i can get another one, so i am on the hunt for one and a sweet basket.

I have started making a list of everything i would like to do this spring and summer. There are so many things i would like to do, so having a little "wish list" will be wonderful to remind me what i would love to achieve.

I am starting my driving lessons. I am just waiting to get my provisional license back in my married name so i can start my lessons! I am so excited to get driving and having freedom to do more things with the girls when Gilles is at work. I can travel to see friends and we can do out to the country every day if we want to to explore!

These look so yummy! A shall be trying these next week!

I also want to try baking these. I havent baked in a few weeks and i miss being in the kitchen so i shall be trying some new recipes out next week.

I received a wonderful package today from Lilwen clothing. I shall be doing a little photoshoot with the girls in some of their items. They are so whimsical and full of lace and peterpan collars. Completely up my street. Have a little look at their website. All clothes are handmade.

I shall be back later to post about a wonderful organisation that is close to my heart. x

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