Wednesday, 10 July 2013


The last few days have been spent at festivals, celebrating my birthday and looking for vinyls in vintage shops for my new record player my husband bought. I shall be back tomorrow to share my birthday with you. It was just wonderful and i received the sweetest gifts!
I took my first driving lesson last week and i am so excited to take more! I loved driving and cannot wait to pass my test and have this whole new world open up! I am already planning little summer day trips next year in my head. It's an exciting adventure.

P.s Don't forget about the Belle and Boo giveaway!


  1. Next time I am round we are dancing to that Dirty Dancing record x

  2. that dirty dancing soundtrack is one of my all time favorites next to grease. <3 good music finds, lady.

    and that sleeping baby picture.. uh. i'm in puddles. as usual. <3 sweet girls.

  3. Gosh Kerry-Anne we had some of those records the first time around.......

  4. Belated happy birthdays by the way - Debbie



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