Thursday, 17 April 2014

Friday, i'm in love

I am so happy to bring back my feature "Friday, i'm in love" where i share with you some favourite things/shops/brands that i have discovered recently.

I am completely in love with this alphabet wall poster for Mia's room. She is starting to recognise letters now and i would love to get her this to hang up on her wall.

I have wanted to get a new watch for the longest time and i have found the most beautiful ring watches on The watch hut. I love love love this one. Elle is starting to learn to tell the time and i love this one for her first starter watch. It's pink, of course, but also has big numbers on the face to make it easier for her to work out the time.

We are hoping to get Elle a desk soon for her learning corner and i have been looking around for art work to hang up. I recently found this one via pinterest and i know it would look perfect in Elle's room.

I love washi tape and recently came across some really beautiful encyclopedia ones i would love. I completely love this woodland animal one, these botanical ones and this beautiful bird one. They would be perfect to tape up the girls picked flowers.

We have been looking into redecorating our living room and i have picked out this botanical style wall paper. We are having it on one feature wall and i just cannot wait to get it up on the wall!

Now the summer is coming up, i would love to get the girls this rollergirl swimsuit! It's just different from the high street shop swimsuits and i know they will love it too!

I hope you all have a lovely Easter!!!



  1. You have such great taste! Especially loving the washi tape. <3

  2. love the washi tapes! And my girls would love that swimsuit too!

  3. Ms lurker here, breaking the silence to return your wishes for a lovely Easter and thank you for all the enchantment!

  4. such a great list! Love washi tape :) x

  5. I love the alphabet poster, very cute x

  6. I love whites and flower crowns.. sweet

  7. Oooh I really love that alphabet poster too - so cute. Great to see your bringing back Fridays I'm in Love - can't wait to see the next one

    Laura x

  8. Love the idea of the botanical wallpaper!



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