Friday, 9 May 2014

Friday, i'm in love

I have recently discovered a little online shop called Lollipop Lane. They sell the most wonderful baby products and gifts. I love this stroller parasol to add in the summer to protect Mia from the strong sun on the school and preschool run. If you have a baby or a young child, this website has everything you need!

I have wanted to get an old vintage school desk for Elle's room but recently i have been thinking about the lid. I remember the lid on my school desk when i was younger catching my fingers. I have been looking around at the desks with the safety catch on the lid to allow it to close slowly. I like the look of this desk as it still has the retro/vintage look and i love the little chair on this set! I am hoping to get one in the next few weeks to set up her learning corner.

Isn't this the sweetest Mary Poppins you ever did see?

Father's day is coming up in June and i have been gathering a few ideas! I love the idea of these chocolate bars from Shed loads of gifts as a little something from the girls. Also, maybe a little notepad this like one as he is always writing down his work expensives and i am sure he would love a nice notebook rather than the hundreds of pieces of paper he currently uses!! ;)

Our fairy house is coming along. I have trying to think of the best way to make a table. I cannot decide between a round of square table but i am on the hunt for the perfect piece of bark to use as the table top from the woods.

I love this DIY fox lamp!! I am thinking of making one for Mia's room. Now she is toilet trained, we are going to move on to night time training in the summer. She is going to need a stronger light on in her room so she can see in the night if she needs to get up for the bathroom.

Mia is starting to get the last of her back teeth through and i have been looking at amber necklaces. We had one for Elle when she was smaller and i would love to get another one now for Mia. I love these ones from Amber Pumpkin. They also do wonderful cheek rub oil to help with the teething!

We are hoping and praying that the weather holds for sunday! We are going to a mayday celebration in the orchard but the weather is threatening rain rain and more rain this weekend!!!

I also love this DIY from a beautiful mess. Make your own Mocs. I would love to make the girls a few and it doesn't look too tricky either.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. It is "Siblings" day tomorrow and i am excited to share this months photos!



  1. I loved the links you shared and the DIY links too 💜 <3

  2. That fox lamp is amazing! So many great finds, would love a little desk like that too!

  3. The cheek rub oil sounds interesting, never heard of it before. love the beautiful mess leather mocs too! x

  4. I love that fox would look perfect in my youngest's room. Lovely collection of things!

  5. thanks for sharing the links - love the fox lamp :)

  6. I love those make your mocs, so amazing. I would love to make a pair. Great links. x



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