Friday, 13 June 2014

Friday, i'm in love

I would love to try this oilcloth bag diy from Martha Stewart. A lovely alternative for the girls pack lunches.

I really love these beautiful fairy lights from Bright Lightz. They would be perfect for my bedroom!

We are looking at school uniform again for Elle starting a new year in September and Mia starting her Preschool. BHS have wonderful Children's school uniform. I really love the traditional pinafores and summer dresses.

Completely in love with this dream bunny purse.

This Kate Spade wicker camera shoulder spade is a must have this summer! Isn't it wonderful??

I have been thinking about decking outside out back door. We have a strip alongside our house that takes you to the main garden. This site, Dura Deck, has amazing useful information and products.

I just love this backless dress on etsy. I really would love it!

Miss teapot dress up will always be a favourite shop of mine.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. We have the carnival here and it goes right by my house, so we shall be watching that and then going to the funfair!



  1. I was so intrigued by what a 'dream bunny purse' might be but then the link said the site was under construction - boo! Now I will never know!

    1. Oh no! I checked yesterday and the link worked fine! Here it is on pinterest :)

      I will have to change the link to that. x

  2. ooh, i love that camera bag!

  3. love the fairy lights - i'm in need of some more!

  4. Oh wow how amazing is that Kate Spade wicker camera bag - seriously want this! I love your natural table btw :)

    Laura x

  5. Those little oilcloth bags are so cute!

  6. thank you so much for your appreciations and mention of our little shop. your world here is so soft and lovely. appreciations back to you:) have fun at the funfair!

  7. Great idea and lovely list (oh, and someone told us not to get decking as it gets really slippy apparently? It looks great though, I still really want some!) x

  8. My dream garden has a deck. One day!

  9. Oh my that camera bag is amazing! x

  10. Those lunch bags are amazing - going to have to try that for September :)



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