Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A corner inspiration

I have written previously about turning a corner in Elle's room into a learning corner. We have wanted to do it for a while and we are going to start over the summer holidays because, now she is going into year 1, she is going to be having a lot more home work. She loves crafting also and stays up in the evenings making books and crowns. Her bedroom floor looks like a glitter and paper bomb has hit it most mornings! Having a desk and a confined space to make her mess might be easier on my heart when i enter her room each day. I want to fill her wall with fairytale prints to inspire her. She loves writing her own fairytales. I love the idea of a dolls house book shelf so she can add her favourite books there but also have a section for some of her sylvanian families or wooden people from her own dolls house for display. I really want to get her a nice cosy rug to lie on when she is reading and i love the hanging circle shelf! She has lots of little fairy ornaments that are on her fireplace that i know she would love to hang on there. 

If you follow me on pinterest, you might see me pinning away like mad. It is my very favourite website right now and is giving me lovely ideas for not just Elle's room, but for little touches around my house. It really is a great website to store all your inspiration and to look back on every day to keep those ideas fresh in my mind. I cannot wait to get started on Elle's corner. She loves my working and creative corner in my room so i know she will have lots of input in what she wants and i might sneak some of my own things into her corner for her.

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  1. yes pinterest is really fun to get lost in! for recipes i go to it instead of googling something!

    really love the alphabet print and the dolls house bookcase! i like the idea of using an old dolls crib to store books as well.

    to decorate my toddler's room i've been thinking about getting a couple vintage girls comic panels blown up and printed on canvas to hang!

  2. The print is beautiful! I really like the doll's house book shelf, too - so girly :)

    Jess xo

  3. ah if only my son wanted a doll house

  4. This is so lovely!!! I am expecting a baby girl soon, and this idea of setting up a corner is just fab! Loved the vintage prints xxx



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