Friday, 8 August 2014

Friday, i'm in love

I went to London this week with my best friend and fell in love with a shop in Camden town called Lily J. I found some lovely lace dresses, although the fits were a little different. I did get some wonderful flower crowns in Spitalfields that i love.

I am very much in love with this dress! I always sway towards lace dresses but this one is just the most perfect one of them all!

My husband turns 30 in November. It looks like he is going to be away working for this birthday this year but i have been looking at things we can do. I love the idea of these Comedy Carnival nights. I cannot wait to tease him after his birthday at how he is 30 and i am still in my 20's ;)

This is the sweetest bag to keep my knitting in. When ever autumn starts to set in, i start to knit. It just makes me feel cozy. I am strange. I don't really like to have stews and soups and bake too much in the summer as i like it to be a autum/winter tradition for me. Does anyone else feel like that? It is the same with porridge. I love it on cold mornings!

I just love this little woodland animal baby mobile!!

My husbands wedding ring was stolen two years ago. Our house was burgled during the night and he had left his ring on the kitchen side after bleaching the floors. We were both gutted and he hasn't had a wedding ring since. I would love to get him another one and get it blessed by the vicar who married us. We are hoping to renew our wedding vows in the next few years and it would be lovely if he had a ring for then. I love this band from Chisholm Hunter. It matches my ring perfectly. My engagement, wedding and eternity rings were all Gilles's grandmothers rings that i now have. They are so special to us both and it makes me really sad that he doesn't have a special ring to wear himself.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend. The girls and i are off to the Norfolk coast with my Aunty and Uncle tomorrow. We are so excited although i wish my husband could come but i hope we can still have some nice days away with him the week after, as he gets some time off from work :)


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  1. That would be a very sweet knitting basket indeed! My knitting addiction is pretty much year round, but I definitely up the ante in the autumn and winter whenever my hands are free, there's something just so very cosy about cuddling up with a good knitting project.



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