Sunday, 21 September 2014

Friday, i'm in love

I am two days late with this post but i have a very good excuse! Elle's birthday was on Friday. Six years ago, I became a mother!

I love that autumn is here. It is my favourite season and we have lots of activities and adventures planned.

I have fallen in love with a new interiors website. Chosen by Jessica sells the most beautiful French style furniture. I adore this mirror the most! It would look wonderful above my fireplace in the living room.

I love love these tea towels from one of my favourite online shops, Tigerlilly Quinn shop. The whole shop is crammed of the cutest little clothes, homeware, art and children's bits!

Now the weather is getting cooler, I have been looking at vitamins and prebiotics for us as a family. I discovered Bimuno prebiotics and I have found these bimuno immunaid which offer an immune system boost which would be perfect for us, especially Mia who tends to suffer with colds due to her body temperature condition. I have mentioned previously, but Mia cannot regulate her body temperature which leaves her body ice cold and a deep purple colour until we can warm her up. She has suffered each winter with lengthy colds.

I am creating a list of things i want to make over the next few months. In the autumn, I love cooking stews, soups and hearty meals. I would love to try this herbed beef stew pie!

Lasagne soup! What else can i say! Oh my goodness. I can tell that my slow cooker is going to be to good use over the next 6 months!

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  1. Happy birthday to your dear Elle! Six is such a magical age.



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