Friday, 7 November 2014

Wonderful bathrooms


Five years ago, we lived in a house where we were so spoilt with the bathroom. It was huge and had lots of storage space on the walls for all of my toiletries. In our house now, the bathroom is tiny and is squeezed in between two bedrooms. The best part of it though is that we have a huge shower bath, perfect for that evening bubble bath soak but it does take up most of the bathroom!

Because the bathroom is so tiny, we wanted to try and make it feel light and spacious. It was important to us to use tiles to open up the room and give the illusion of a bigger space. We picked out white brick style tiles with a smooth and glossy finish to bounce light and to keep the walls looking fresh and bright. The tiles wrap around half of the bathroom up to the ceiling and i really feel that they make a huge difference in the room.

To combat the difficulty of storage, we purchased a two draw basket unit. I always feel that furniture can really give personality to a room.  I love creating feature spaces and using furniture to help and in our bathroom, the bright white storage unit gives us that clean base so i could add my own touches around the bathroom, such as a beautiful bird cage wall paper on one wall and some framed pictures and mirrors. I am lucky to have quite a deep windowsill where i have propped up some polaroids and some jars with flowers in. I am pleased with how our bathroom is at the moment but i do dream of a bigger room where i can add chairs and a bigger wooden unit to give me more of a rustic feel. I would love a roll top bath and i am always pinning away on pinterest my ideas for that day when we win the lottery and have lots of money and can afford all my little house dreams! One place that i have found lots of inspiration from is C.P.Hart. Their bathrooms are very dreamy and they have the most beautiful roll top bath! Until that day though, i am happy in my little bathroom.

                                                                     (images by c.p.hart)

(this post is in collaboration with c.p.hart)


  1. Oh I can sympathize as I have a tiny bathroom too. I totally agree that adding beautiful free standing furniture can really transform a bathroom, like a stunning dresser/storage unit to display fluffy towels and cosmetics (whereas min are stuffed in an airing cupboard!), rather than standard built in units. Adding a chair can make it feel more of a relaxed space. We have a large mirror in our bathroom which helps as there is no window!! Chandeliers can look great in bathrooms too, adding a touch of glam :O)

  2. Your bathroom is very pretty - and the fact that its little does mean there is a good-sized third bedroom. Do you remember the bathroom in my first little house? It was big - but the second bedroom was tiny. I'd rather have bigger bedrooms and make the most of a liitle bathroom - which is what you have done. I love the wall with the birdcage wallpaper and the pretty things on the windowsill. The shower bath is great too - plenty of space to stand and shower, whereas most baths are an awkward design for standing in - they usually slope at that end so its tricky to get under the shower at all!
    You have made the most of a small space - it's a lovely bathroom.



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