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How to Use Show Homes for Home Decor Inspiration

The way you decorate your home has a big impact on how it looks, and the way it feels. Get your home decor right and you will turn your home into a comfortable sanctuary that meets the needs of your whole family. Get it wrong and you will feel frustrated and irritated every time you enter that room.
Key to getting home decor right is the planning and research stage. This post is going to help you with the first part of the planning process, which is getting inspiration for home decor projects.

Sources of inspiration

There are plenty of sources of inspiration out there. Amongst our favourites are home decor blogs and photo sites like Pinterest. These are both great because so many different types of people maintain them, which means that there is no shortage of style choice.
Magazines and showroom catalogues are another good source of information. These are all good sources of inspiration but for us show home inspiration is definitely best.

Physical sources of inspiration are best

It is one thing to see something in a magazine or online, but quite another thing to see it in reality. In a show home, you get a much better sense of whether a particular look, style or piece of furniture is for you or not.
You can wander around the whole property spending as much time as you like assessing the pros and cons of each style. In most show homes, you can sit on the sofa and spend a few minutes assessing how the room feels as well as how it looks.
In show homes, it is fine to take photos. You can print them off at home and put them in your stylebook. If you see an item of furniture or an ornament that you like having a photo to take around showrooms to show the assistants can really help. It is a great way to find something similar, and do so quickly.
Show homes are a great way to get a sense of scale. If you are not sure your living room is big enough for a 60 inch TV seeing one in a room that is of a similar size to yours can really help you to decide one way or another.
In addition, when you find something that you think may work for you and your family you have the chance to show the rest of the family. It can be hard for some people to visualise things. Being able to show your partner and kids a room decorated in a similar way can really help to convince them to go with your plans.

Other sources of inspiration

Showrooms are also a good source of information and inspiration. Most firms do not mind you taking photos. They will often give you catalogues and brochures to take home, which you can look at repeatedly to help you to make your final decisions.
The homes of your friends, neighbours and families can also be good sources of inspiration. Naturally, you do not want your home to look exactly like theirs, but you can borrow elements that you like for your own home.


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