Monday, 2 March 2015


I was recently asked by the fashion Brand Atterley road to share a woman who inspires me. There are so many woman that inspire me. I am a very influential person and can be easily inspired but I had no doubt in my mind who my #Arwoman would be. My sister. Not only is she my sister, but she is my best friend.

Caroline is 3 years younger than me but we are so close and i couldn't ask for anyone better to call my sister. Everyday she inspires me. She is an amazing mother to my niece and 6 week old baby nephew. She can take anything thrown at her in life and still stay strong. We can literally talk for hours on the phone and do a few times a week. She is my go to person for any advice i need and she always talks me through things and i end up feeling a lot better about the situation. Caroline makes me proud everyday and i am so so lucky to call her my sister. She is my inspiration and i am so looking forward to growing old together.

I think it is so important to celebrate women. I don't think if it was for the beautiful and inspiring women that i have in my life that i would end up where i am today. They have filled my life with support and encouragement and never ending love.

Do you have an #ARWOMAN? I would love to hear who yours is! You can join in on instagram by sharing your ARWOMAN and tagging Atterleyroad.

(this is a collaborative post)


  1. I think I would be very tempted to pick my sister too - there is nothing like a close relationship like that with someone who has known you your whole life and shared all those memories with you.

  2. It's lovely that you picked your sister :) and wonderful that you are still so close long after childhood x

  3. That is sweet. I love you both loads! XX

  4. This is so lovely! I always wished I could have a sister that I could share things with and it's lovely to hear how wonderful your relationship is together x

  5. You both sound like such lovely sisters. Gives me lots of hope that E & F will grow up to have a close relationship (I have two brothers, it's the dream :-)) x

  6. Oh wow what a lovely post and so nice to pick your sister and hear how amazingly close you are - sounds like a wonderful supportive relationship - very deserving of being featured in this post

    Laura z

  7. love this, I hope my girls grow up so close x

  8. That's so lovely. I've always wanted a sister!



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