Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Spring cleaning your sofa

It is finally spring and even though i feel like i might get blown away if i venture outside, i am still feeling happy and inspired as the sunshine pours through the windows. Spring always makes me feel like freshening up things in my house. I love to change around some of my artwork and i love bringing in lots of fresh flowers from the market. My favourites are hyacinths and i put them in kilner jars around the house as well as daffodils and lilacs from the tree in the garden. 

We used to have a fabric sofa that was a awful beige colour and i thought it was a really clever idea of me to staple floral fabric on it but it kept popping off and falling down and i kept getting frustrated because i couldn't think of an alternative but i didn't have any spare pennies to buy a whole new sofa and chair. Multiyork offer replaceable covers for sofa's that allow you to transform your sofa, chairs and furniture. It is the perfect time to give your sofa's a spruce for Spring. You can even choose new covers in a seasonal fabric - cool linen or cotton for summer and soft chenille for winter snuggling. It is very simple and quick to make the change and you can see for yourself here in this video which shows a professional and a customer changing the same chair. Here are some great before and after shots to inspire you! 

Read more at http://www.multiyork.co.uk/why-multiyork/replaceable-covers#qZV8xFQsB7Kyhqet.99

(This is a collaborative post)



  1. Beautiful pillows in the first photo, I simply love them.

  2. Oh wow - I can't believe the difference in these pieces just from changing the fabric! I've recently been umming and ahhing over a new sofa but I need to be able to change the look so this may well be the answer x

  3. Such a brilliant idea...love your new brighter look furniture! Will have to keep this in mind for us one...would defo save on buying a whole new sofa when its only the fabric/design that needs updating x

  4. That's a really good idea! I get bored of my furniture all the time so being able to change the covers would make it feel new! x

  5. Oh I love the idea of replaceable covers, our sofa could definitely do with a new lease of life!!

  6. What a great idea to have replaceable covers! It makes it so much easier to give your lounge a facelift and also I love having flowers around the house too! X

  7. such a good idea to be able to replace covers and almost instantly freshen up your space! x

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