Friday, 22 May 2015

French Loaf

                                                               (All photos from Frenchloaf)

As a family, we haven't had a family holiday on our own since the girls were born. The last two years, i have gone on holiday with the girls and my family whilst Gilles worked away. Some years, we didn't even get to go on holiday at all due to finances and Gilles's working hours. The last time i went abroad was for our honeymoon 8 years ago! We went to Mauritius and i actually had my 21st birthday out there as well. It was completely amazing and i will always remember that holiday. I think a place can really make a holiday. Even though we were on a resort, we ventured out of the resort and few times to explore the local town and we walked long tracks along the beach. I love exploring and finding hidden places. I love going to new cafes and markets.

I am craving adventure and family time. I am craving making and capturing new memories. Exploring new places and experiencing something amazing with my little family. We are ready for an adventure and ready to just be together, the four of us. I have talked a lot recently on my blog about how i love creating little home movies and films of the girls and i would love the opportunity to make one of our family adventure holiday. I really cannot wait to find and book a holiday and having that exciting run up to it. Counting down the sleeps, talking hours into the night about what we are going to do and how wonderful it is going to be, making a film of our holiday, taking thousands of picture. Of course, we have been excited about our other holidays but this will be our first as just the four of us. We don't have to worry about what other people will want to do and we can spend our days just doing what ever we fancy. Going to bed late, sleeping late and finding new café's to have cake and pastries in. Hiring out bikes to explore the towns and countryside around us. finding new woods for the girls to run around in and perfect picnic spots

French loaf is a boutique family holiday company that we have been looking at. It bridges the gap between boutique hotels and traditional holiday lets but at affordable prices and equipped with everything that a family will need. The properties look amazing and i have completely fallen in love with the interiors and beautiful surroundings. I can just imagine the exploring we would do! French loaf started when an english couple fell in love with lot region and made it their home. They know the area's inside out and can create the most perfect family adventure due to their own experiences and knowledge. They currently have four beautiful properties to rent out but they are looking to expand.  France is always somewhere i have wanted to take the girls. I have only ever been to France on school trips which included Paris and disney land. We did stay in Normandy one year and remember sitting on the beach by our hostel and being completely blown away by it all. I loved the history and we visited a few museums and the war cemetery. France has always fascinated me, especially the south of France where i have heard of other friends amazing experiences. To be able to take the girls here would be a dream.

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  1. This looks wonderful! I think a french retreat is the perfect family holiday and this looks like a great way to get a brilliant bolthole. You should explore Aix-en-provence it's so beautiful to explore. x

  2. it looks amazing! I so want to be there right now x

    1. Same here! The properties look so beautiful! x

  3. Oh my goodness, what beautiful pictures! Swoon all over the place.

  4. Oh my goodness, that kitchen! What a beautiful place to stay x

  5. These photos are all absolutely gorgeous - I am going to be spending my lunch hour on their website I think!

  6. oh it looks amazing! would love to go there x



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