Saturday, 23 May 2015

Unique lighting

                                                                    (images from Lampcommerce)

I love unique lighting. We live in a an old town house with high ceilings and i love experimenting with different lighting such as the beautiful lamp and pedants in these pictures from Lampcommerce.
When we moved into out house, there was a beautiful chandelier in Elle's room but it got broken in the move so i bought a cheap lampshade from the supermarket to replace it with the intention of getting her a new pendant lampshade in there. She will also need a new lamp when we set up her working area in the summer. We are looking for the perfect desk at the moment for her so she has enough space to do her homework and crafting/story writing. We are then hoping to get her a wall lamp that she can use without having her main light on.

In our living room, i would love to get some corner lamps. I want to try and make the room cosier because it is open plan, it can sometimes lack that homely, cosy feel. Having a floor standing lamp will give the room a whole new feel in the evenings. I like to curl up in the corner of the room on the sofa and either do my work or read a book. I would also like a floor standing lamp on the other side of the dining room so when we are having dinner in the evenings, we can use the lamp instead of the main lights. I have been trying to add more of a cosy feel to our home and love this article which shows all sorts of different ways in which you can create that kind of atmosphere.

We have recently renovated our kitchen. We have replaced the floors, changed the colour of our cabinets, painted the walls and added tiles on the wall also. I have always wanted a country kitchen and when we first moved in here, we had green cabinets and a black and white chequered floor. We now have a wooden style floor, off cream cabinets and lovely white tiles. It is looking more like how we wanted. We have also changed the lighting. Before we had halogen lights but they were not energy efficient at all so we changed them t low energy LED's which i love. They are not as bright and give a better light in the kitchen. You don't feel blinded every time you walk in! I love baking in the evenings when the girls are asleep and i just love being in our kitchen now. We have also added railway sleepers as shelves for all my baking books! After 5 years of living here, it is finally looking how we want it to.

Another thing i would want to change is that we have an amazing black chandelier in our living room which is open plan with our dining room but we have a small glass shade in our dining room above the dining room table. I would love to a chandelier there also. There are so many fittings around the house that i would like to change and have bee pinning ideas for the house! Pinterest has really been my new best friend recently and filling me with lots of inspiration. I cannot wait to start giving this house a little spring makeover!

(this is a collaborative post)


  1. I'd love to add some chandeliers to our house. I can't quite picture a black one but I'll bet it's amazing. Off to Google image search...

  2. I really love unique and interesting lighting - it can be a real focus point for any room and it's something that can often be overlooked

    Laura x

  3. I went to see a friend last weekend and I hadn't been to her current house. She had an amazing driftwood freestanding standard type lamp. When I complimented it, she said she'd found the piece of wood whilst swimming in a river last summer, dragged it home, cleaned it up and then she and her partner made it into a lamp!

  4. Lighting is so important isn't it? Mainly discovered it when I moved into a house with BAD lighting!



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