Thursday, 4 June 2015

Holiday from your holiday

Being a mother, I don't take a lot of time out to pamper myself. I do love to have a bath but it is normally interupted by a child asking to come in with me or just wanting to stand by the side of the bath, playing with the bubbles in the bath. In the evenings, i tend to spend a little while getting the house back to normal, doing dishes, sorting out washing and then catching up with blog and photography work.

Al Fresco holidays recently sent me a pamper "holiday from your holiday" home in my own personalised tote bag (which i LOVE!). The pack was full of things for a nice pamper evening such as bath soaps, chocolates and a nice candle. Last week was half term and i had the girls at home all week on my own as my husband was away working. They wanted to stay up a little later in the evenings and then as soon as they were in bed, i then had the mammoth tasks of house duties. I was in desperate need of some me time and after a morning of doctor appointments and blood tests, i took yesterday evening out to relax. I put some petals from the garden into the bath and used the Zoella fix bar and i had such a lovely bath. It was so lovely to not have any worries and allow myself that time.

I love using new bath products but i rarely buy myself any and i love the soap and glory products so much in the kit. They smell amazing and i am going to pick up some more of the products as i love them so much! I am so glad i managed to have the opportunity to take that time for myself. Destressing and relaxing is something i need to do more as the days can get so busy. I am such an over achiever and try to fit in as much as i can in one day. I have realised that i need to take even just an hour to relax and i am already looking forward to my next pamper evening!



  1. Oh I love pamper evenings. They're not as often as I would like but yay for relaxing lavender baths. :) xx

  2. So pretty. You are a true romantic. So glad you had a little time to yourself!



  3. Ooh! Fab! What a gorgeous treat!



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