Monday, 27 July 2015

An autumn home list

(all images from Homify/ prestigious textiles and concept interior design and decor) )

I write alot on my blog about Home and Interiors. It has become a real passion. I just love creating beautiful spaces in my house and changing around pieces of furniture and wall features for the seasons. As well as our family home, the house is also where i work from so i like to be inspired and to create inspiring rooms that i want to spend time in. I have a never ending list of things i want to do in the house and items i would like to purchase and i love sharing them with you all. 

Even though we are in the middle of summer, i love to plan ahead and i am always on pinterest looking at ideas and inspiration to bring into my home. From September, Mia starts full time school and i have been making a list of things i want to do in the house. I am always at my happiest when i am creating something whether that be crafting, photography or interiors and being able to have the time to spend on my home and making it become just how i want it to be is something i am really looking forward to.

                                            (all images from Homify/ The Cotswold compnay and Barnes Walker ltd  )

-The first thing i want to do is to create an alfresco area outside my back door. I have a strip that runs down the side of the house and i haven't ever really done much with it. It seems to be where the girls keep their bikes but i want to string up lights and have a little table and chairs out there for my husband and i to sit in the evening or the girls to sit in the mornings for breakfast. I cannot wait to get that area sorted. It is something that has been on my list to do for many years and i am hoping that by next summer, i will have completely redesigned that space.

-Our bedroom. I have my craft area in the bedroom which i completely love and won't be changing but i would love to rearrange the rest of the room and freshen it up. We have an olive green wall at the moment which i want to change to a lighter colour or even back to white. I also want to pull up the carpet in the bedroom and have wooden floors and add a rug. Most of our house is wooden floors except the stairs, upstairs hallway and our bedroom. In September, that is one of the first things i want to do in the actual house. I am dreaming of having wooden floors in my room!

-Bathroom. The bathroom is quite small and next to our sink, we have a two drawer storage unit. The girls have a large selection of bath toys such as swimming mermaids, baby baths and ponies and i would love to upgrade the storage unit to a four or five drawer unit so we can store the girls bath toys away instead of having them on the side of the bath. I would also love to add hanging plants and lots of little succulents on the window ledge.

-Both girls need bigger beds. Elle is outgrowing her toddler bed and i Mia is quite tall and i know that as soon as Elle has a new bed, Mia will want one too! I am hoping to get them new beds before the winter sets in. They both need new curtains too and i am hoping to add a rug into both of their rooms.

As you can see, i have a big list but i am excited to make little changes around the house just to make it a better living space for us all.

(alfresco set and outside seat from Maze Living/bathroom cabinet from fruugo/Armoire from La-maison-chic/bed from Ikea)


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  1. I love the pieces you have on this post. Especially the armoire, it's so ornate.

    Good luck with your redecoration. I bet the garden space will look amazing.

    Sally @ Life Loving



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