Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday, i'm in love

This bunny locket from burrowing home on etsy is just beautiful. My best friend, Hannah, bought me the print of this bunny last year and i just love it!

How beautiful is this little girls dress!

This Monty Don book is high up on my wishlist! I love Monty Don and his garden always amazes me!

I have fallen in love with these Felt ball rugs from FELTBALLRUG.COM. I love the idea of making your very own custom rug.

The sweetest terrarium necklace! I am so so in love with this! I have found etsy to be an amazing place for beautiful items recently.

I am already thinking about autumn and love this little bunny brooch! I love adding brooches to my winter coats and, even though it is the middle of summer, i get all excited about planning my autumn wardrobe!

I love the new postcard sets from The black apple on etsy. I love this out of the woods set and the deep green sea set. So amazing!

                                                        (images from FELTBALLRUG.COM)

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  1. Thank you for your lovely mention and for spreading the word about ethical decor products. Nice choice of pictures with our handmade round rugs! We have a great variety of rectangle rugs too!



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