Monday, 20 July 2015

Garden love

Gardening is a huge passion of mine. Even though i don't have a big garden, i love to plant and one of my favourite programmes is Gardening world. Monty Don is a hero to me and his garden at Long Meadow just takes my breath away. For my birthday two weeks ago, my mum took me to a local garden centre and i got to pick out some plants for my garden. I couldn't have been happier walking around the garden centre, picking lots of plants i wanted and then spending the evening planting them in my garden. I cannot wait for that day where we buy a house in the country with a big garden and i can spend hours and hours planting!

I am always trying to improve my garden as we have a section alongside the house that leads down into the garden that has lovely white walls. I want to add a few little bits there, as well as an al fresco area to enjoy this summer. I am in love with the garden products (and home products) from Red Candy. I love making wish lists and sharing my favourite products with you all that i love and i shall be sure to show you all my garden as it blooms and progresses!

                                                      (all items from Red Candy)

(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. Oh that could be a dangerous link for me to click!! I love all the bits and pieces you've chosen:)



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