Sunday, 19 July 2015

Summer duvets

Summer is well and truly here. We have such lovely plans for the summer. The girls are now on their 6 weeks holiday and i am in full summer cleaning house mode! I am very much one of these people that are a tidy house, tidy mind and i also feel so much calmer and organised when the house is neat and tidy. In the summer, i also love to wash our bedding more regularly and use my white duvet covers with the lace trims. They always give me a summer feeling and look fresh and clean. I also like to pick wild flowers and have them in glass bottles on my bed side table. To me, that is the epitome of summer!

At this time i year, i also like to change over my duvet to a summer duvet. Our room is the hottest in the house and because we live on a main road, i don't like to have our windows open because the early traffic always wakes me up! We are about to change over to a summer duvet and i have been researching on the best type of duvets and the best togs. I feel that we need the lowest to possible this year. Last year, we bought a 7.5 tog but it was slightly too warm so i am hoping to pick up a 4 tog this year. The higher the tog, the warmer the duvet! I love the look of the summer down duvets from

For the girls, we are going to get light duvets as well because children become much warmer at night time due to them being smaller and trapping more air under the duvet. They start off sleeping on top of their current duvets but end up under them during the night so i am looking forward to getting their duvets and for all of us to have much more comfortable nights!

(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. Sounds lovely! I love summertime, too, and the thought of crisp, light but cozy duvets has me window shopping already xx



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