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Scrub the decks

Scrub the Decks – how to keep your decking clean

You may have a couple of after thoughts after purchasing and installing decking in your garden – principally, maintaining, cleaning and taking care of it. Perhaps you didn’t sign up for that…. Let us talk you through some useful tips on how to make this a stress-free process!
Note that good quality timber that is well maintained ought to last around 15 years. The most logical time of year to clean your decking is after the winter months when the climate becomes slightly milder – your decking will have endured a fair amount of wear and tear therefore it’s important to give it a makeover, preparing it for summer activity!

It is important to remove any dirt, moss or algae from the joins in your decking as this can cause rotting and long-term damage, which could end up requiring extensive repairs. One of the most effective ways to keep your decking in tip top shape is to use a decking cleaner, then immediately afterwards, scrub it with a strong brush.  Following this, rinse it off using a hose or pressure washer, making sure you’ve caught out all the residue clinging on. After about 48 hours you can apply the protective coat to your decking.
DON’T – Use any chlorine-based bleach. Although this will remove the algae and moss, it will eventually break down the lignin in the deck timber (the part that holds the wood together).
DO – Use a deck sealer as well as deck stain. Deck stain only colours the surface and does not fill the cells in the deck as a deck sealer does, which is fundamental to maintaining healthy decking.

Again, the first step is to remove any dirt such as moss and algae on the surface and hiding in the nooks and crannies of your decking – do this using a hose or pressure washer (remember your goggles if you’re pressure washing as this can be hazardous.) Apply the restorer to your decking using a brush. Finally, after applying the restorer, work it into the decking with a stiff brush.

For the best results, use a decking cleaner twice a year. The following three products will help protect your decking from looking weathered:
Decking protector – wood absorbs this and in turn becomes water-proof and protected.
Decking stains – make your decking weatherproof and give it nice semi-opaque finish using this.
Decking oil – this works itself into the wood, replacing its natural oils.
Try to avoid placing planted containers of furniture on the decking without a moisture-proof stand underneath. A stand will stop any potentially permanent markings. Planting and re-planting should be done off the decking surface or on the decking but with a protective groundsheet underneath the work area.

These are the essentials in order to prevent your decking from ‘slipping through the cracks’. If you are short on time but can’t afford to pay for maintenance, then it’s worth thinking about this when choosing your decking. Gripsure offer low maintenance, versatile and durable non-slip decking. With an international platform, Gripsure are dedicated to ensuring your safety comes first.

(this article was prewritten for my blog)

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