Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Drawings of the girls II

                                                         (instagram: @madyandluigi)

                                                       (instagram: @woodwrentales)

                                                       (instagram: @tanyatozhokina)

                                                             (instagram: @woodwrentales)

                                                                    (instagram: @nishrinism)

                                                                (instagram: @abbanart)

                                                                (instagram: @ssong1231)

The girls have been so incredibly lucky. Last September, i shared some drawings of the girls that some lovely people on instagram had drawn of the girls. I wanted to share some more with you all as these have just blown me away. I feel so honoured that people are inspired by my children enough to want to draw them. The girls have these to treasure forever and i will always be so grateful to those wonderful artists for taking the time to draw and then share these breathtaking artwork.



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