Friday, 11 September 2015

Friday, i'm in love

Christmas is months and months away but every year i love to do a daily activity calendar for the girls. I came across this nutcracker puppet theatre print out on Etsy by Sarah Jane studios. Nutcracker is one of my favourite ballets and i love going to see it every year at christmas time so i know this is going to be a wonderful addition to our activities this coming Christmas!

I have recently found an amazing Kitchen website. As you know if you are a long time reader of my blog, i love interiors and i am always looking for inspiration for my home. Simon Benjamin design and hand make bespoke kitchens and i have been swooning over all the kitchens on their website! Just look at these beautiful, traditional designs! I don't think i will ever get tired of rearranging and changing little bits all around the house. We are so close at finishing our kitchen and i have been looking around for inspriation for the finishing touches.

It is Elle's birthday next week and she has asked for a globe. She also loves space and i have found this amazing light up globe on Amazon that turns into a constellation globe at night. I cannot wait to see her face when she gets it!

How amazing is this tortoise and the hare cape!! I think my girls both need one!

This coat is completely wonderful. I am struggling to decide on what sort of winter coat i would like this year but i love the idea of a dark tartan cape or something similar. I would love a dark brown double breasted traditional coat also but it is so hard to find one. Next week, i am heading to the charity and vintage shops to see what i can find.

One of my favourite bands is Eisley. I have been following them since i was a teenager and the wonderful Chauntelle has just released a new EP with her band Rising Fawn. It is just wonderful. I have been listening to it non stop!

I am getting so excited for christmas and hoping to get myself more organised this year! I have been looking at the best places to get our food for Christmas day and have come across Westin Gourmet, online butchers.

I wrote at the beginning of the week about my new chapter. About Mia starting school alongside her sister and how from this week, my career will be my blog and my photography. I have been registered as a business for a few years now and i actually really enjoy keeping all my spreadsheets up to date and keeping my receipts and expenditure details on my folders. My husband took me out shopping a few months back just to get new folders and wallets! I can be such a geek sometimes. I will be putting in my tax return over the next few weeks to try and stay organised and came across a great site called Tax Returned which offers advice and a tax rebate calculator. I actually didn't know that if you wear a uniform for work, you can claim a rebate for washing your uniform! So if you wear a uniform to work, i would go and have a look at this website and put in a claim form. You might be able to get a little extra something in time for christmas!

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