Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lifestyle wall

On Monday, i had the very exciting opportunity to head to London town to meet with some amazing bloggers and the ever so wonderful George Clarke for the launch of the Lifestyle Wall from rooms made for you. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you will know that i love to create feature walls. I love shelves with flowers on and botanical prints all around my home. I love hanging dresses and flower crowns and making bunting and garlands with the girls to hang around the house. There isn't a single wall in our home that doesn't have some sort of frame, garland or dress hanging from it. 

Lifestyle wall is a game changer in the interiors world. It really is. Lifestyle wall is a new enhanced performance lever plasterboard that can hold up to 15kgs on a single screw. You will easily be able to hang tv's and shelves without them coming away from the wall every few months or falling off and ripping off half of the wall with it. The walls are strong and durable and very resistant to those everyday knocks of children playing or furniture being moved around.

The launch was wonderful. I met some amazing bloggers and a few bloggers that i have been talking online to for years! We got to listen to George Clarke talking about how much he thinks this wall could change the interior industry and we also got a go at hanging up pictures ourselves. We were split into two teams and each person had a go at trying to screw in a screw into the wall and it was tough! That plasterboard is super strong but we did it and my team won! It was a great day and a real eye opener. The lifestyle wall is such an amazing concept. It is clearly going to change how people can live in the home and how they can use their wall space. I think everyone needs more frames, shelves an cupboards in their home!



  1. I think I need some of that in my lounge to keep the curtain rail up - it's forever pulling out of the wall so I like the sound of anything that can take 15 kgs!! It sounds like you had a wonderful time trying it out too :)

    1. I know right? I am the same!! My poor walls have chips of plaster coming off in all places! It is such an amazing concept! x



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