Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Kitchens of flowers and glitter

I write an awful lot about how i love to change around my house with the seasons. Fresh flowers on every windowsill in the spring and gold glitter pumpkins by the roaring fire in the autumn. My house is always changing and i cannot stop tinkering around with wall feature displays and tweaking rooms. Especially the kitchen. We have spent nearly two years planning and redoing the kitchen. When we moved here 7 years ago, we had chequered black and white flooring and green cupboards and purple walls. We painted the walls straight away to white but lived with the rest for a good few years until we decided what we really wanted to do it with.

Over the last year, my husband has laid down wooden flooring, stripped and repainted all the cupboards cream and added just white splash back tiles. We selected white because we just were not sure how we really wanted it to look. We still have light pine worktops that we are desperate to change and the white was just a safe option for the time being. The kitchen has been a bit of a tough room is finally get finished. I initially wanted a country kitchen style but Gilles has basically let me loose on every other room in the house and he had his own vision for the kitchen. As he does a lot of cooking and loves to be in the Kitchen, i just let him decide and i have grown to love what he has done with it. I know that one day i will have my huge country cottage kitchen so, for now, i am ok with more of a modern kitchen.

We have been talking more recently about if we are going to change the worktops and how we might like them and then when the worktops are finally changed and redone, i think we would have to look at different splash backs. I have recently come across Creoglass who do amazing splashbacks. Think sparkles and glitter effects AND flowers! I don't think Gilles would really allow me to go for the flower splashbacks but the glass sparkle effect ones are so amazing and they also do glass sparkle works tops too which is something to really think about.

I am just so ready for the kitchen to be finished. I do love spending time in the kitchen either baking, making pies or preparing stews and casseroles and just to be able to sit in a complete finished kitchen would be wonderful!

(this is a collaborative post)

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