Sunday, 10 April 2016

The future

I have had my photography business registered for just over three years now. In September, Mia started full time school which meant that both of the girls were in school and i had to make a decision on my own future as Keri-Anne and not just Elle and Mia's mama. Dedicating the last eight years solely to being the best mother i could and sacrificing my own dreams to give them every single bit of me.

Creative photography and my blog is my passion and i knew i had to give it a go. I knew that if i didn't take that step to chase my own dreams and passions, i would regret it. I have worked hard over the last five years on this blog and building up a portfolio of my work and i am enjoying spending my days now working for myself and creating and developing my very own business.

Going forward, i have been spending days writing lists and trying to see how i can take what i do now and turn it into my career. How i can work with more brands, how i can use my photography to help build companies. My list though seems to be never ending as my head is always full to the brim of ideas i want to try.

-Expand my camera kit. When i first started photography, i shot on an entry level canon 350D SLR. It was actually a really lovely camera and i had a lot of photographs that i took with that camera published in magazines. I loved it but it did get to a point where i was becoming frustrated with the quality of the images. I was so lucky that that Christmas, i was bought a canon 600D by my mums wonderful partner. There were actual full of happy sobs when i realised what it was! I love my camera but would love to invest in a few new lenses. I would love either the canon 35mm or the sigma 30mm.

- Build a website. I have my blog and my social media channels but would love to have my own website to showcase my portfolio. I have so many sketches on how i would want the design and i would love to find the perfect website designer to translate what i have in my head onto my very own website!

- I would love to print of a lot of my work and have huge canvas's of my favourite work. One of my dreams is to one day have my own gallery show. Having everyone who has supported me and encouraged me there and showing that i really can do it.

- Working on my confidence to help me grow. I suffer from awful anxiety which i find creeps in and stops me from trying to achieve my dreams. I would love to look at seeking out an online psychologist  to help me believe in what I can do and to help me overcome alot of my anxieties. This also includes having more confidence in my marriage and making sure we are working together as a team in the best way possible. Online couples counseling is another route i would love to take, just to keep us talking and making sure that the next ten years are just as lovely as these first ten years have been!

Now i feel is the time to really invest. I have given myself a long period of taking it slow and testing the water and good things have started happening. I am getting a lot more work and i know that if i really push myself, i can make my business successful. But expanding my camera kit, paying for a whole new website plus the design and having a lot of my work printed professionally is going to cost. I could save over the next few years and gradually build things up but i feel that now is the perfect time to really believe in my self and my talents and to try and push this as much as i can. Taking out a small loan right now would be the most sensible option to help me sort out my finances and in turn a few months down the line put me in the position to expand the business and looking at companies such as Uk credit, i know i can take just a small loan now and if i really have faith and invest that money well, i will really be able to make something of myself.

(this is a collaborative post)


  1. You are so inspiring! Looking forward to watching you follow your dreams. You've got this :)

    1. You are so so kind! thank you for your support x

  2. Everything in my heart wants everything for you. Goodness knows YOU deserve it. You are so sweet, genuine and inspiring and I'm beyond excited for your future! XO

    1. Oh my goodness, so kind. Thank you so very much. I am blown away x

  3. Your whole life looks stunning. Good luck finding your way. Your photographs are definitely magazine worthy. :)

    1. You are wonderful, thank you for your kind comment x



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