Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Dreaming of a little picket fence

Dreaming of a little cottage in the middle of the countryside is something i do most days. Dreaming about cosy open fireplaces, beautiful pastel coloured windows and a garden full of sunflowers, foxgloves and poppies.

It has always been such a high priority for me. I love my house now but we are very central in the town centre. We do have lovely fireplaces, wooden floors and beautiful picture rails but in the country with the clean air and hundreds of little spots to picnic and explore in is something we really want as a family. I think i write about it a lot on my blog and I know it will happen one day. I love the idea of buying a run down cottage that we can customise and redesign ourselves. As a family. Adding bespoke windows to keep the character of the property as well as using a composite door builder. I love the idea of having a unique, uniformed doors all through the house. Having window boxes on the outside and a cobbled path leading through the garden up to the back door.

I guess most people have this sort of dream. Being able to wake up in the morning and look out of the windows to see meadows and hills. I am lucky in that our street is lined with trees and in the early morning, it is quiet and we can hear the birds but then the traffic starts and gets increasingly more busy. I sometimes like to close my eyes in those early morning moments and dream i am in the countryside.

One of the things i do love to do now though is to plan. I have my home interior planning book and anything i see or any ideas i love go straight in there. Mint pastel window panes, roses climbing up the house, a little picket fence around the front garden. Planning is keeping the dream alive and one day this dream will be a reality and i will definitely be prepared!

(this is a collaborative post)

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  1. I would want meadows and hills, yes, but also a coastline to die for! Nothing beats coastal countryside. I'd love to have a house like that - so pretty! Turf fire, cosy kitchen, candles all over the place.



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