Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Health goals

A few weeks ago, i wrote about how i wanted to try and be more open and personal on my blog. I mentioned about my fitness and how i would love to talk about it and my journey so, today, i am doing just that.

Last January, i embarked on a fitness journey. I followed the Kayla Itsines workouts, completed the 12 week programme and lost over a stone. I then started to get ill and, under my doctors instructions, i stopped the workouts. I needed to give my body a rest as i was working too hard and i was taking my diet a little too far. Not in terms of not eating but in terms of not allowing myself anything that wasn't deemed "healthy" in my eyes. My body needed time to recover and it needed more fats and carbs. I had gotten myself in a good regime though and after stopping, i found it hard to do any exercise or to pick up and stay the programme. I love working out and i love being healthy but i just haven't managed to keep myself on track. January this year, i tried again but i just didn't feel i was ready so i only lasted a few weeks.

I have been thinking about my goals for next year and i really do need to gently get myself back into some kind of exercise again. I love going out for runs and i love going to the gym for a HIIT or resistance workout. I want to come up with a gentle plan to get myself and my body used to exercise again. It is a constant struggle for me though because if i am doing something, i tend to give it my all and it takes over my life a little and, for me, food and exercise has been an issue most of my life. I have had food issues since i was 11 years old which can be triggered so easily and it is a constant battle to keep on top of that and not allow those thoughts to take over. It is so easy for me to over exercise and under eat and all i want to do is be healthy.

Between now and January, i am going to think hard about what i want to achieve and not put any pressure on myself. I will try to not set myself goals or targets and i will just take each day as it comes. Allow myself to exercise but then allow myself some cake too!

If you are looking at a fitness goal or wanting to loose weight for the new year, then here are three tips for staying in shape:

We’d all love to have the body beautiful, but in reality most of us have hang-ups about our physiques - and a common problem is excessive weight gain. If you can’t seem to slim down, take a look at the following three tips. They could help you to finally win your battle with the bulge.

1. Rethink your approach to food

It’s easy to get into bad food habits. Whether you’re used to putting too much of the stuff on your plate, you refuel on unhealthy snacks for convenience or you simply have a penchant for sweet treats, you might be consuming too many calories. The good news is, you don’t have to forfeit your favourite foods in order to lose weight. By rethinking your approach to food in general, you should be able to reduce your calorie intake on a manageable and sustainable basis. For example, simply switching from white bread and regular pasta to wholegrain alternatives can make you feel fuller for longer, meaning you’re less tempted to snack between meals. Trimming the fat off meat, opting for skimmed or semi-skimmed rather than full-fat milk and using low-fat spreads will also bring your calorie count down.  

If you’re feeling peckish between meals, try having a cup of tea or glass of water before you reach for a snack. Sometimes, we think we’re hungry when in fact we need a drink. Meanwhile, to help supplement your healthier diet, you may want to use weight loss pills like alli. This treatment, which is intended for people with a body mass index of 28 or above, lowers the amount of fat you absorb from your food and it can help you to shed weight more quickly. To find out more about the medicine, you can speak to a doctor or pharmacist, or visit websites such as Lloyds Pharmacy.

2. Avoid fad diets

It’s not hard to understand the appeal of fad diets. Often billed as offering remarkable results in a very short space of time, they can seem like a panacea for people who struggle to lose weight. However, they often provide short-term results that are impossible to sustain and, worryingly, they can even make you ill. They are particularly dangerous if they require you to cut out certain food groups, as this can starve your body of important nutrients that it needs in order to function properly.
If you want to lose weight for the long-term, don’t be tempted by the bold claims of fad diets. Instead, adopt a sensible eating regime that you can stick to.

3. Do exercises you actually enjoy

After the excesses of the festive season, you might have enough motivation to make it to the gym a few times a week. But realistically, how long will you able to keep up fitness sessions like these - especially if a busy work and home life put pressure on your schedule? If you want to get into a regular exercise regime, it’s vital that you choose exercises that you actually enjoy. This could be a new hobby like walking or cycling, or a sociable sport such as badminton or tennis. If you like the activities you choose, you’re much more likely to carry on doing them.
Try to incorporate more exercise into your everyday life too. Whether it’s cycling to work, playing football with the kids in the park or walking the dog, all activity counts. Experts recommend that adults should aim to do around 150 minutes of aerobic activity per week. If you’re falling short of this, it could be time to up your exercise levels.

4. Work on your mental health as well

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health and I have been making some changes such as starting yoga, doing guided meditations before bed to allow me to stay relaxed and making sure i take some time out for myself. I have also been looking at marriage counseling for me and Gilles just to make sure that we keep working at our relationship and we stay happy together. 

The best piece of advice when it comes to staying in shape is to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can keep up well into the future.

(This is a collaborative post)

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