Thursday, 10 November 2016

Making education fun

Both of my girls are in school. Elle in year 3 and Mia is in year 1. I am also studying to be a teaching assistant so education is such an important part of our lives. Every night, we read and we do spellings and times tables. I am so lucky that both of my girls are very studious and love school and i will always encourage that and do everything that i can to help them and support them.

Every evening, i make sure that we sit and read together. We get ourselves cosy, get out some books and just immerse ourselves into the world of stories. Elle is also doing her times tables every week and spellings so we make sure that we go through them too. In all honestly, if i let the girls, they would do school work from the moment we get in from school until bedtime. They love working so i have to allow them down time and make reading more of a family activity rather than school work.

I have wrote a few times about how we have had to try and make Elle have some down time as we would find her at 10pm writing out times tables or key words and spellings and she put a lot of pressure on herself to be perfect. It wasn't doing her any favours and she wasn't learning any more as she was so tired and so anxious. So anything that i can do to help her learn but in a more fun environment is a huge plus.

Because the girls are so studious and the fact that i want them to have fun, i am always looking out for ways to incorporate learning into games and fun. We go to museums a lot, study nature and we allow the girls to play on some games on my laptop that they have log ins for via the school. There is such a variety of games for them which they love to play at home because they use these sites in school lessons so they are familiar with them and one of the best incentives is that they can gain awards and points for playing on them that they teachers can then see also.

I have just been introduced to a new online education site for children, parents and teachers called Education quizzes. The quizzes are written by teachers and are separated into different keystages and subjects so you can click on the relevant one for your child. My girls are in keystage 1 and a lower keystage 2 so they each have their own section on the site. There is also a daily blog which shares information about nature.

Education quizzes is a monthly subscription site but they are fully aware that not every parent could afford to pay so their aim is to appeal to schools where a single child's subscription would only be £2 a year. As a teaching assistant student, i feel this site has so many benefits and can see how appealing it can be. Teachers can set homework on here (which is then marked for them), they can set revision and they can use the resources to print off for class work. Parents are able to log in with their children to work together on the work set and to complete quizzes and have fun. I love doing this with my girls. They already seem to know their way around a computer and laptop so i just sit there with them for moral support and let them play, knowing full well that they are learning when they don't even feel like they are!

(this is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own. A monthly subscription is £9.95 but can be cancelled at any time)


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