Thursday, 8 December 2016

Time to fall in love with Jord

Gilles works hard and he works away a lot. He can be away for a weeks at a time (and is currently away right now). He works so so hard to provide for us and is so selfless and never buys anything for himself or asks for much. If the girls need things, he sees that as his main priority. I try my best to treat him and to get him lovely things when i can as he so deserves it.

I was contacted by JORD wood watches to see if i would like to review one of their beautiful wood watches from the autumn/winter men's collection. I knew i had to and i knew that Gilles would just love one and he so deserves something nice just for him. I showed him the site before telling him he could pick one just so i could engage his reaction. He loved them so much and said that he wished he could have one so i asked him which one he liked and then told him he could have it. He picked the zebra and dark sandalwood watch and kept asking every day whether it had arrived yet! It actually arrived on his birthday and he was so happy!

The watch is just amazing. It came in the most beautiful wooden box and i was so surprised by the true care and detail that had gone into the watch. It is so beautifully made and there really isn't one negative thing that i could tell you about it. I am so happy with it and Gilles even more so! He has showed it to everyone and wears it everyday.

JORD are focused on creating timepieces that are modeled on a modern lifestyle. The wood is unique and from all around the world and the designs are just so verstitale. I think there is a piece that everyone can fall in love with, even if you are not a big watch wearer. Gilles doesn't normally wear watches, but he just hasn't taken his off!

Sometimes, having this little space of mine on the internet can really bring wonderful things to us as a family and to be able to give something back to my husband after all his love and support makes me so happy.

(This is a collaborative post. All words and opinions are my own)

Wooden Wristwatch


  1. Stunning watch (and photographs)- even the packaging is amazing x

    1. Yes, the packaging is so amazing and unexpected! A lovely idea x

  2. Made me smile hearing how much enjoyment he's getting from such a lovely watch :)



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