Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A little hidden corner

For a few years, we have had a desktop computer in the corner of our dining room. It is my husbands and he had it to play games on but he hasn't actually turned it on in about two years! I have had so many ideas for that corner and i have been biding my time well to change it up and use it for something other than storing lots of rubbish and junk and this big computer! Our dining room table and my botanical wall is next to the desk and i have been using the end of the table to sit and work as it is close to the radiator and i get super cold in the winter!

This week, i received some vouchers for wayfair and spent some of it on a new hallway cabinet/table for the corner. I showed it to Gilles on the website and we measured up and because it is an alcove, the cabinet will fit so nicely in there. I am so excited for it to arrive in a few days. I won't be using it as a desk as it has a bottom shelf but, because i have taken to sitting at the table now, i want to make that corner space so pretty and cosy. I picked up a sweet pea and fushia diffuser from Laura Ashley yesterday to put on the table and i want to create some wall features. I also ordered a letter tray rack from Wayfair so will be hanging that on the wall also as well as putting my typewriter there and maybe a deer print. I love creating new spaces and i am so happy that after so many years, Gilles has agreed that we can take out the computer and desk and i can make it look pretty. I am really excited to be able to sit at the end of the table and have this new beautiful, organised corner there.

I love my open living room and dining space. I have beautiful wooden floors, a fireplace and all the walls are covered in botanical prints, flower crowns and thimble trays. I find it so peaceful sitting and working or writing and this little corner will make such a huge difference. I love my craft desk upstairs in my bedroom as well but i do tend to find that if i sit up there to do work, i end up gravitating to my bed! I will be just sticking to doing my crafting, painting and sewing there and use downstairs as my office. I love that it is a little office space to me now. A few years ago, when i did work in an actual office, if you were to tell me that my office would be my dining room table i wouldn't have believed you as it is such an amazing thing to be able to be self employed, own your own business and work from home. I also love that i get to be surrounded by what i love. I love the fact that big offices are becoming more personalised by interior design using companies such as Office Principles and i love that i can personalise my own space. Making it cosy and work for me and be surrounded by things that make me happy and calm. It would also be really lovely to hang some mirrors on the wall outside the window near the corner. We have a long kitchen but a north facing garden so the sun doesn't reach around to this part of the house. Adding some mirrors onto that wall like these ones from Simply Plastics would bounce more light into the room as it can get quite dark at that end. I do love that the sunlight floods into our front window though and we have the most gorgeous net curtains which creates floral patterns on the wall.

I cannot wait to get started on this corner and share it with you all when i am done!

(this is a collaborative post)


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