Friday, 6 January 2017

Friday, i'm in love

- I have a big obsession right now for tartan dresses and i currently have this dress from Etsy on my wishlist! In the burgundy of course!

- I am due an upgrade tomorrow on my phone which i am so excited for! I am going to get a better iphone and i am in love with this iphone case!

- Recently, i have been looking at vintage and antique rings. I just love old jewellery and i currently only wear my engagement and wedding band. I would love to own some more rings and love these beautiful antique rings.

- I am on day 6 of my fitness and health mission. I guess a lot of other people are too but this is a lifestyle choice now for me and i am so excited! I have become obsessed with all things fitness and love making better and healthier choices for my body. I am currently looking around at local gyms and i have one in mind that i cannot wait to go and trial and see how i get on!

- I currently have blonde ombre hair and i am now wanting to change things up a bit! I have been looking at getting a light brown balayage and i would love something like this. I really want to have a lighter brown base instead of the blonde and feel it suits me better

- I love flower crowns and this spring and summer i want to wear a lot more of them on an every day basis. I love this shop on Etsy that make and sell dried flower crowns. I would love to pick up a few more for the warmer seasons.

- I have recently come across this road safety game for children from the accident advice helpline. I played it myself to see if it would be suitable for the girls and then i let them play it. I was so happy with their answers as they got them all right. We live on a busy road and it always scares me that something will happen but, because of that, we talk all the time about the importance of road safety and this game is such an amazing resource for children! The girls particually loved the bit with the lollipop lady as they don't have one at their school so they thought it was funny that that is what they are called!


  1. As I'm a new reader, I saw the posts title and thought OH MY GOSH BIG GOSS WHO'S SHE IN LOVE WITH? Then silly little old me realised you're the girl with the beautiful family and that this post is about things you love. Oh my, I also love the image at the top, you're so talented at taking photographs and I hope I become this good one day! Those antique rings are to die for, I'm also a sucker for vintage/antique things. Hope 2017's treating you well!
    The Pale Tails
    - Beckie x

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