Friday, 13 January 2017

Friday, i'm in love

- I am trying to find new things for my work area to store some of my stationary and love this toolbox from Elle's desk area in her room is almost ready as well and i would love to get her one for her little bits too. She has started to love collecting stationary just as much as i do!

- Born to wander. I love this t-shirt! I have been looking at more t-shirts to wear under my cord pinafore dresses and love this so much!

- Gilles and i are both on a big lifestyle health change and Gilles has started running as well. We have decided to treat ourselves at the end of the month and get some new gym wear. He needs some need running trainers and i really want to treat him to some new balance trainers as they are his favourite brand. I have found some in the sale at stand out that he loves so i think a nice little surprise purchase shall be in order!

- I mentioned in my last post that i was getting a new table cabinet for the corner of my dining room. It has arrived but we haven't put it up yet! I have been looking at new handles for it to just add a little something different and love these metal bird feather ones on Etsy.

- Speaking of feathers, how wonderful is this feather duvet set!

- Yesterday, i saw on my friend's fridge a magnetic meal planner and shopping list. I really want to get one and love this chalk board style one from Amazon. Now we are having healthy meals, i want to plan meals in advance around my more intense workout days and will be ordering one of these!

- I am not allowing myself treats or chocolates now and i will have a fruit bowl most days but i love finding new ways of eating healthy and love these rainbow fruit ice lollies. I am going to make myself some next week!

- I am having to start to think about Mia's 6th birthday now! She has asked for a party so i have started to look at invitations. I cannot believe that she is going to be 6! Can we please turn the clocks back 5 years?



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