Wednesday, 22 February 2017

House renovations

We have lived in our house now for over 7 years and i am still so much in love with it now than on the first day we moved in. We live in an old Victorian town house that is bursting with wonderful features. There are fireplaces in the bedrooms, beautiful old wooden floors and the most wonderful, old sash windows. The downstairs also features a picture rail which i love.

This week, i have started a new job which i shall talk about in more detail in a separate post. We shall be saving this extra income and would love to do a few little bits around the house as we haven't been able to afford to do too much and, as with all old houses, little things need updating. I have made a wish list of all the things i would love to do in the house and i hope my little job can add money to the pot now for us to be able to renovate certain parts of the house.

- The living room fireplace. I love our fireplace. It is a thick, wooden framed fireplace with a chunky mantel piece. The only problem is, it is wonky and when i am sitting on the sofa, i can see it is wonky and it really messes with my head! I have no idea why it is on a slant but i feel the wood wasn't cut properly when it was put in. Above the fireplace, we have a huge mirror. I have been thinking for over a year now that i would love to remove this mirror and have a large botanical scroll print there but we have had that mirror there since we moved in and i cannot work out whether the room would look strange without it there. It does open up the room and bounces light coming in from the big bay window. I am still on the fence but it is something i am really considering!

- Our windows. We have single glazed sash windows. They are getting very old now in their timber frame and some are rotting slightly. I do not like new double glazing windows and because we have a period property, i would love to be able to replace our old timber frame sash windows with uPVC sash windows. I am so surprised at how these windows look. They still look like the traditional timber frame windows but offer many more benefits. Just look how pretty these ultimate rose windows look! Updating the windows is very high up on our list and living by a busy road, it is a must as we can hear the traffic constantly!

- The out house. Backing onto our house, we have a little out house. Two summers ago, we completely cleared it and i had great plans to have it as a potting shed but then Gilles came home one day with a load of wooden crates and it was the only place they could be stored. He wanted to use them to make furniture and shelves but two years on, they are still there! In the next few months, we are going to get the out house clear again, hang a few of the bikes on the wall in there and i really want to use it as a potting shed. I love the idea of just being out there and growing my own plants for the garden. I would love to repaint it as the paint on the brick is peeling and i think having a fresh coat of paint would freshen up the garden also.

- Carpets and floors. We have all wooden floors downstairs and in both of the girls rooms. In our bedroom, we have a carpet but i have sneakily checked underneath and we have lovely wooden floors underneath. I am so desperate to have wooden floors in our room and i would love to be able to get the carpet up this year. We also have carpet on the stairs and landing. I want it all pulled up and the wooden floors exposed. I think a runner carpet on the stairs would be nice as our dog, Rusty, is getting old now and having that soft carpet on the stairs for him would be ideal. Having wooden floors in our bedroom also means i get to go rug shopping!

- Paint. Our whole house needs a fresh coat of paint. I love to keep most of the house an off white colour as it suits the style and i love to add colour with accessories and wall features but with two little girls, a dog and cats, the walls can get grubby. We have freshened up sections of the house over the years but i would love to just paint all the walls again in the spring to make it look brand new again and so when the sun is shining in the windows, it won't show up all the marks on the walls!

How about you? Does anybody have any plans for their houses this year?


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