Monday, 6 March 2017

My little job

Over the last year, i have regularly volunteered at the girls school. I have worked in early years doing craft and fairytale sessions and i have worked three half days a week in year four acting as a teaching assistant and doing reading with them. The more i go, the more i love it. It is the most rewarding job i feel i could do so when i got a letter handed to me a few weeks ago saying that their was a part time teaching assistant position in early years opening up, i knew i had to apply. I didn't ever think that i would get it but i worked hard on my application and only a few days after handing that in, i found myself in the head teachers office trying my hardest to prove to them that i could do the job and show how passionate i was about being in the school. I am actually studying a home university course to be a teaching assistant so it really was a perfect job for me. I stammered words and could feel my whole body shaking but i got through it and i came out so proud of myself as i have never had to interview for a job before. I carried on working with my readers as it was my volunteer afternoon and only an hour afterward my interview, i was called into a room and offered it. I cried, a lot! I was so so happy and so proud of myself. I knew i was meant to do this and i couldn't believe that i had been that lucky to have gotten it. 

A week later, i walked into the school as a staff member and i have been welcomed in with the biggest open arms but all of the staff. I have now made lifelong friends there and i feel so much at home every morning i walk in. The children are amazing and i know i am making a difference. I am a one to one support for a child but i also get to work with the rest of the class and i couldn't be happier there. Every day is different and i have to keep pinching myself that i am actually being paid to do this!

Of course, i still have my blog and photography business. I now need to really organise my time to be able to get all my work done and to still put the dedication and time into my photography and this little space here. I am going to sit myself down tomorrow after work and do a time table because i am also studying and need to fit that in too! There are lots of balls up in the air but i know i can do it all and i can really put 100% into it all. I am going to invest in a really good life/work planner to help me so i know what i need to do everyday and i will make a to do list every morning so i don't forget to do something. 

Life has suddenly become a lot busier but i wouldn't have it anyway. I get to work with children in my own children's school, get the holidays off with them and i get to also do my own personal work. This is a new journey and i am going to embrace it with everything i have.  


  1. Congrats! Isn't it just wonderful when things fall into place?

  2. Congratulations, it sounds like the job was made for you. Its lovely to hear how welcoming all the staff were. Wishing you lots of happiness & success xx

  3. Congratulations, this job sounds so perfect for you. I would really love to see your planner when its completed, I'm currently struggling between work, study, family and exercise. Seeing your planner would really help!



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