Thursday, 25 May 2017

3 ways to get the homely cottage look for your home


I have so many dreams and goals for my future but if I had to pick one of them, it would be to find a beautiful cottage with a rose garden in a quiet little village to spend my days in with my family. I love driving through the countryside and dreaming what it would be like to own one of those beautiful chocolate box homes that you find. It is a dream that I know will eventually happen because we are going to work so hard to make that a reality for us but that won't be for many many years.

Currently, we live in an old Victorian terrace with all the original features. We are very lucky to have beautiful fire places and wooden floors and I have tried my hardest to create the most homely feel inside and out. It is so important to me to channel that cottage look and feel and it makes me feel very calm when I am there.

I wanted to share some ways in which you can create a homely cottage look to your own home no matter what style or period your house is.

- Hanging baskets and plants outside your home. I love my hanging basket and love to change the flowers throughout the seasons. Between spring and summer, I love to go to the garden centre and pick out a few small plants to add into the basket to make the front of my house ready for summer. They even look lovely on new builds and really change the feel of your home straight away. I love walking to my door and seeing the flowers. I have a few pots underneath my bay window too that i love to fill with flowers. I would love to have a climbing rose plant, clematis or wisteria outside my home too and will be looking into doing this!

-  Doors and windows. They are so many options you can now get for your doors and windows to give you a traditional and cottage look. I have a lovely black door with stained glass and i have a little mini bunting hanging on the inside that you can see slightly through that glass. The type of door you have will certainly change the look of your home. I love pastel or light coloured traditional doors and would love to paint ours but I am just so indecisive on what colour to have! Windows as well can really change how a house looks. We have sash windows but they are the original, single glazed ones and our house can be freezing in the winter. There are so many different style of new windows that you can get now that offer that traditional look like these flush casement windows. We shall be investing in all new windows soon to keep our house warmer in the winter months.

-  The details. Unless you have a door that is right off the street or a drive way, you might have the option for a gate. I love little wooden picket fences and they are the epitome of a cottage feel. Even iron gates are lovely too. We have a small concrete area behind a wall at the front of our house with a gap where a gate can be. This summer, I want to finally put a gate there with a little latch. I just love opening up gates to go to people's houses. It gives that lovely homely feel.

(this is a collaborative post. All opinions are my own)

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