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Palava Folk

There was once a little town mouse. Some might say that this story will be about the town and the country mouse but I think you will find that this story is oh so different to that little tale. The town mouse was happy scurrying around the streets. Eating left over pastry crumbs outside the bakers shop. He lived under a sweet shop and he often licked the sugar from the boiled rhubarb and custard sweets that the old lady made every morning. As I said, he was very happy. He had everything he could have wanted.

One day, he saw a sign in the bakers shop about a meadow out in the countryside that was ready for strawberry picking. He had never tasted a strawberry before and he became curious. He had often wondered what was out in the countryside. He remembered thinking that it must be quite dull and he much preferred the hustle and bustle of the town streets but, again, he wondered. In the photograph, he saw flowers. He did see flowers at the town market but in this photo they were growing in the ground and there were hundreds of them. He thought that that must be where they came from. He saw the van arrive everyday and the man take them out in buckets and he didn't really ever think about how they got there. They looked quite lovely in the fields all in a row. And those strawberries. They looked so delicious. He wished he could taste one and he started to wish that he could see these flower fields!

"Maybe I could go to the countryside just for one day" he thought to himself. "Just to see those flowers and to taste those lovely red strawberries!"

But how would he get there? He made a little plan that he would jump into the flower van the next morning at the market. He was sure that the van must go back out to the countryside because, of course, that is where those lovely flowers came from! So the next morning, he did just that. He hid behind the empty buckets with his tiny wicker basket in his hands. He had packed some crumbs for later and a thimble of elderflower juice. The ride was very bumpy and he felt his juice might completely spill out! The van stopped and the doors opened. The sun rays poured in and the little mouse waited for his chance to jump out. He found a moment and scurried into some hedgerows to wait for the van to leave.

After a little while, he was all alone. He must remember to come back here the next morning so he could head back home. He looked around and could see grass, brambles and tall white flowers. Oh gosh, they smelt so wonderful! He crossed over to the other side of the road and through a gap into a field. The field was so golden. More golden than he had ever seen. He couldn't believe that such magical places existed! He ran through the bottom of the golden wheat. He laughed to himself and chased around. "What fun!" he squealed.

He spent many hours just playing in the meadow and then he settled himself down with his crumbs and elderflower juice. "What a beautiful, beautiful day! I must do this again!" he thought. He was a very happy mouse. When he finished up, he found his way out of the wheat and back to the path. Ahead of him were rows of tall pink foxgloves. He gasped as he looked up at them. He walked along the path, playing with the bumble bee's. He was so busy watching and jumping around with them that he bumped straight into a stone wall!

"Gosh! Ouch!" he shouted. He took a few steps back and looked up. He saw a tall building with what looked like sails! He had no idea what it was and he stared for a few more minutes. He suddenly heard whispering and scurrying from under the building. "Hello?" he said. "Is anyone there?". He tried to not sound frightened but he felt it inside. Two little heads peeped out from a hole. Mice. "oh thank heavens!" he thought.

"Hello. Hello. We haven't seen you here before! Are you visiting?" said one of the mice. "Oh, yes. Hello to you. I am from the town and I came on a little adventure to see the flowers and strawberries". "Well, welcome. I am Violet and this is Bramble. We live here in this windmill. Would you like to come inside?" The town mouse couldn't think of anything he wanted more. "Yes please!" he said. "That would be lovely."

All three of the mice went inside. The town mouse couldn't believe his eyes! What wonderful delights they had. There was a little fire lit and china teacups on the walls. Photographs of other mice and shelves and shelves of books. He was starting to feel quite at home being out in the countryside. They all sat down and Violet offered the town mouse some cherry pie. It was the tastiest thing he had ever eaten! When he had finished, he told the country mice of his great adventure and they too were very curious for they had never ventured as far as the strawberry field either! They decided to all go together, for it was only in the next field.

The three little mice scurried through the hedgerows and came to the strawberries. The town mouse thought they looked even more wonderful in real life! He quickly started to nibble on one and the two country mice did the same. "Oh my goodness! They are so sweet and delicious!" When they had finished, they walked slowly back to the windmill, tummies so full!

Violet and Bramble invited the town mouse to stay that night. He thanked them over and over and slept so peacefully under the windmill. There was no cars going by or drunken men singing in the streets. He heard the birds and he heard the wind and he woke with the big smile on his face. He knew it wouldn't be too long before the flower van came along so all three made their way to the road. It didn't take too long for the van to come by and the two country mice said goodbye to the town mouse.

"Oh, please don't be sad. I would love to come and visit again! Maybe next week to share some strawberries with you both again".

The little town mouse jumped into the van and hid behind the buckets. He was already looking forward to his next adventure with his two new friends, Violet and Bramble.

I hoped you liked my little story. I have always been so fond of this windmill. I grew up in the village next to it and would often ride my bike here and sit by it. I now love to visit in on the way to my grandma and aunty's and the girls love it just as much as I do. Now, everytime i go, i will be thinking of little Violet and Bramble.

The girls are wearing the most beautiful dresses by Palava Folk in these photographs. Mia is wearing the pink embroidered dress and Elle has on the foxglove dress. I feel so lucky to be able to work with wonderful and enchanting brands to create stories and photographs for them.

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  1. What a lovely story! I'll think about it every time I see the windmill.



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