Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Preparing for Autumn: Oak blanket boxes

It is only the first week of the Summer holidays but I am one of these people that start to get excited for Autumn and Winter in the midst of the heat. I love summer and i really do not want it to end but the thought of crisp days, golden leaves, cosy fires, snuggles under blankets, pumpkin picking and making pies always gets me excited. I love Autumn and it is by far my favourite season. I always love to create little lists of things i want to do in Autumn and thought i would share some of my list with you all:

Blackberry picking - This is one of our favourite thing to do and we always love to bake a pie with what we gather. This year, I have found a huge bramble patch in the middle of our favourite wood so we shall be heading there to gather them this year.

Stew and casserole recipes - I love using my slow cooker in the Autumn and Winter and now I work full time, I am looking forward to collecting and finding new recipes so i can put on lovely dinners before leaving the house. I love finding new recipes and experimenting and stew and dumpling is my favourite meal!

Autumn blankets - I love finding new blankets every year. I have a little collection now but have them folded on the back on the sofa all year round.

I would love to find a blanket box this year to keep all my blankets in and also to add a little warmth into the home so I can get one out when ever someone comes around. I intend to have lots of blanket evenings in front of the open fire this year. Visit Lifestyle Furniture for a wide range of oak furniture.

Pumpkin picking and carving - We found an amazing pumpkin picking farm last year and the girls loved picking their own. I really enjoyed the day and I am hoping that the pumpkins will be in the field next to the heather this year for some photographs! We shall also be doing our carving and I really want to do some proper ones this year. The girls carve and design their own but I don't really do any and this year, i would love to try my hand at carving my own. We shall also be going to the farmers market to get some smaller pumpkins and our squashes for the fireplace display

Pie making - I would love to find an orchard this year to take the girls to to gather our own apples to bake pies with. Last year, i wanted to find one but didn't really get a chance to go but this year, I would really love to. I love baking and pies are my favourite to do. I want to make lots this year and I cannot wait!

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