Thursday, 14 September 2017

Lunchboxes for kids

I love that Elle has asked for packed lunch this year for school instead of hot dinners. Mia gets the free universal hot dinners until next year but Elle now has packed lunches. Every Sunday, we got to the supermarket together to pick out things for her lunch for the week and because it is just for her, she loves being able to pick out all of her favourite things. We share fruit together as I take lunch to work with me every day too but the rest of the choices are hers.

I have partnered up with Brioche Pasquier to share three packed lunch ideas. These are all Elle's favourites :)

Lunch one: I love to leave Elle little notes in her pack lunches. If she is worried about something or has a after school club etc, I tailor the notes to that just wishing her luck or telling her that she has the prettiest smile. In this lunch box we have - Brioche Pasquier pitch, a chicken thin, actimel, grapes and banana and a little pot of carrots for her morning snack.

Lunch two: A unicorn shaped cream cheese sandwhich, cheese crackers, hartleys mango and peach fruit piece jelly, berry and white chocolate shots, apple and a pot of grapes for morning snack.

Lunch three: Chicken wrap, popcorn, belvita biscuits, cucumber, blackcurrent fruit piece jelly, an apple and watermelon for her morning snack.

I love to give her variety. As I said, we do the lunchbox shop on Sunday and then every morning, as she is eating her breakfast at the kitchen table, she tells me what to put in her box for that day and what she would like for snack. She also has a new lunch bag this year which is easier to fit all her lunch in plus her snack box so she can carry it all in one bag!

I would love to hear what your little ones love!

(This is a collaborative post with Brioche Pasquier. All opinions are my own)

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