Tuesday, 4 October 2016

5 ways to make your home greener

My home is my safe place. A place where I like to spend a lot of time. Even on those lovely adventure days, I always look forward to arriving back home and getting cosy. I have spent a lot of time over the years making my house a home. Creating feature walls, changing rooms around and researching ways on how I can make my home greener. For this blog, I wanted to share with you some of my own tips and findings. Things that I have introduced and simple things that I would like to change to make sure that I am taking those important steps towards a greener home.

- Changing light bulbs / Every room has a light. We keep our hall way and bathroom lights on over night so the girls can see if they wake in the night. For us, it is so important to switch to the energy saving light bulbs. These light bulbs use only a quarter of electricity and can also last much longer than regular light bulbs. We also have a chandelier in our living room and we only have three light bulbs out of six in the chandelier so that we don't use as much electricity. We also have a light dimmer switch. I prefer low light in this season anyway instead of a blaring, bright light so it also makes me feel super cosy and saves us money!

- Having plants in the house / This is something that I have been introducing in my home. House plants act as an air filter and can absorb harmful dust in the air. I have a few plants downstairs, on my kitchen windowsill and in my bathroom. Not only do they look pretty, they do a very important job!

- Make sure you invest in an eco roof for any conservatories or extensions / Making the investment now can stop those huge gas and electric bills as having an eco roof will increase insulation and keep your room much warmer. 

- Turn off plugs when not being used / This seems like an obvious one but a lot of us forget to do it. Appliances on stand by can use just as much electricity as when you have them on. I am so guilty of this but my husband really tries to do it and reminds me all the time to turn things off. We both work full time so having all plugs switched off during the day can really save on our electricity bills.

- Have a fire / If you have a fireplace, shut all your doors and put the fire on instead of the heating. I try to do this as often as possible over the autumn and winter. Not only is it super cosy, it also means that I am saving my gas but staying warm. I will often put on the fire in the evening and we will all sit in front of it as a family. I find that the heat from the coals helps to heat the rest of the house!

Do you have any top tips? 

(this is a collaborative post. all opinions are my own)


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