Thursday, 21 December 2017

Friday, i'm in love

Happy Winter Solstice! I thought I would add a little Friday, i'm in love post a day early today. I hope you like the picks! With Christmas just a few days away, I have been finding lots of wonderful things that I have fallen in love with.

- I am completely in love with the brand Olive and I could quite happily buy all of their clothes! I just love this collared sailor dress! I own one of the daisy print dresses and it is my favourite dress. I also love the coats and pinafores on the website.

- I still spend a lot of time on Etsy and have fallen in love with so many shops on there! I think Foxychest will always be a favourite of mine! The mushroom prints, the knitted mittens and the beautiful notebooks. I just love it all!

- I know it is only Winter but we are already looking at summer holidays for next year which means clothes shopping too! I love this website with some lovely ladies swimwear :) I love the wide range of swimwear, especially the floral suits and tops. We are hoping to start looking at our first abroad holiday. We have always stayed in the UK and I would love to go where the weather will be nicer and we can stay around the pools all day!

- We haven't made our toffee apples this year yet and I hope we can this weekend in time for Christmas. I love these ones! We made some caramel ones a few years ago but I layered it too thick and it was so hard to eat them so I cannot wait to try again this year!

- Another online shop I have loved for ages is Love Mae. We are going to freshen up the girls rooms next year and would love to get some of their woodland stickers! I also love the bamboo plates and sets. My little nephew turns 3 soon and he loves dinosaurs so that is a perfect present for him.

- I am setting myself some goals/resolutions for next year and one of my main ones is to write more in my journals. I love writing little stories and want to write lots more this coming year. I was reading through my old journals the other evening and I felt really inspired. It is also something that helps me stay calm with my anxiety and i am going to start taking my journals to work with me to write in on my breaks.

- A really wonderful website that offers an English tutor.

- Another goal is to be healthier. I have had an awful few months with my health and I am setting myself a goal of getting healthier and stronger! I am hoping to do some monthly updates again to keep track of my journey.

- I would love to make this mulled cider for my husband this year! How yummy does this recipe look and it is just something different from mulled wine. He loves cider so i know he will love it.

Have the most wonderful weekend!

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