Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Everything you wanted to know about cats

I love writing about my cats. Any opportunity that I have, i will talk about them. My little sister kitties. Our first pets before our doggy came along. They really complete our family. One of my favourite things is waking in the night to both cats curled up next to me. If they are not on our bed with us, they will be sleeping with the girls on their beds. Elle has Tilly and Mia has Katy. They were both born from my mums cat so it is so lovely to have a pair of sisters and Tilly and Katy really do love each other.

Katy is a nuzzler. She will come onto the bed, walk up your body and nuzzle her face into yours. When she is nuzzling, she has the biggest purr and it always makes me smile. I love their purrs and it is so comforting when they are next to you and you can hear them. You know they are happy and content.

One thing that i didn't know though was that sometimes a purr doesn't always mean that a cat is happy. It can be an indication of hunger, pain or healing. Experts believe that purring helps gets get better faster. The low frequency sound sends vibrations through the body that can heal bones and wounds and helps decrease pain. WHISKAS have made some videos to show why cats purr which you can see below.

I genuinely didn't know that a purr could have so many meanings. I always just thought it was a happy sound. I find it fascinating what bodies can do and how a purr can help the body with healing.

Do you have cats? I would love to hear about them. Tilly and Katy are such a joy and i cannot wait for many more years of nuzzles and cuddles with them!

(This post is a collaboration with Whiskas, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website and their KIT hub for more information on why do cats purr and their Youtube video for fantastic KIT videos)

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  1. Wow never knew that about their purr! Ours is realy vocal - really obvious when she is hungry and a good alarm clock at the weekends. 15 years old now so more of a house cat these days.



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