Thursday, 25 January 2018

Staying safe


January is always the month were my notebook is full of new ideas and DIY plans for our home. Gilles has next week off and is sanding and redoing all our wooden floors which I am very excited about! We are slowly working our way through the house. We have nearly finished our kitchen and the bathroom is next after the floors. I love freshening up our home and I always have many ideas to keep my husband busy!

I thought i would share some of my top tips for staying safe whilst doing DIY in the home.

- If you need two people to do a job, don't try it alone! Gilles often thinks we can carry things that are much too heavy for him and we often have to wait for him to find someone that can help him because I am a weakling and wouldn't be any help atall! It may take longer for a job to be completed, but it also stops him injurying his back and being in bed for weeks on end!

- Use appropiate tools, especially ladders to climb. There may have been an incident recently where I wanted to put a nail in the wall, stood on the back of the sofa and did a spectacular fall!

- Make sure you are in a tidy and organised space. Having room to be able to move around can keep you safer. It elimanates you tripping over things and causing unnessacary accidents.

- If you do follow all safety prodecures and an accident occurs that wasn't your fault, there are firms such as Slater & Gordon who offer legal advice.

- Use protective gear if needed. Even if a job will take a few minutes, it can only take a few seconds to injure yourself.

- If working at heights, make sure there is someone there with you. I found out the hard way when i fell off my sofa. When i am doing display work at the school, I always make sure i stand on a proper stool and have someone near me as i am super clumsy!

I am so looking forward to finishing our house. It is such a big project as it is an old, Victorian house and i am sure when the rooms are finally finished, I shall come up with more ideas but it will just be nice to be able to feel cosy and settled this year!

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