Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Save for a rainy day

I have written a few times on this blog about how my husband and I are terrible with our finances. I always have good intentions to save and be better but, over the years, those intentions have never stuck around.

I have owned my own business with my photography for a few years now and Gilles is coming up to his first full year with his own business so, with the new financial year coming, we have sat down to finally make goals and plans for our future. We rent our house at the moment from a dear friend and would love to eventually have our own little house somewhere in the countryside. We would like chickens in the garden and to be able to walk to the farmers market for our fresh fruit and vegetables. Just a better life and environment to let the girls grow up in (and maybe to have a cottage with wisteria and roses growing up it!).

I love making lists of our plans and, when it involves the future, it makes me even more excited. Gilles and I were never open with each other about finances but this last year has been a big turn around and we are a team and it makes me so happy to know that we can help each other to achieve our future goals.

Here are a few of the changes and ideas we have on our list to help us:

Meal planning: We live right opposite the supermarket, so it is so easy for us to just go over everyday and spend more than we should and to just buy things for the sake of it and we often do. With meal planning, I am hoping to half our monthly spend on food! I actually wish I had started this a while ago. I have a lovely chalk board in our kitchen to write our weekly meals on.

Discount code websites: We do a lot of online shopping because we both work full time so it is an easier option for us. I am going to start using the website hotdiscountcode.com to help me save whilst I shop. They offer discounts codes for so many shops. It all adds up and is a perfect opportunity to save!

Unnecessary spendingLiving right in the town centre, it is so easy for me to take the girls up the road to the shops and spend money. It is usually so we have something to do. We like to go and play in the Disney store and go to the pound shops to pick up craft supplies and we LOVE going to the clothes stores. This usually ends up in at least something bought for either one of the girls. The last two weeks, i have just left my purse at home. We still get to look at everything but it takes away the temptation. The girls don't expect me to buy things so I am lucky in that they don't really care if they are brought something or not. 

IVA: Having the option to have an individual voluntary arrangement (IVA) is a great way to start helping yourself with previous debt problems. Facing up to past financial problems and getting yourself on the road to debt recovery is a huge step forward. What a better way to start a new financial year than to know that you are tackling your debts head on and making big changes for your future.

A savings tin: I love using money tins to save. It is so encouraging seeing those pennies and pounds in there and knowing that we would have just wasted that money away if we hadn't put it in the jar. So instead of buying some new paints that the girls don't really need because they have three other sets of paints in the draw, I just put the money I would have spent in the tin.

What are your top tips for a better financial future? 

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