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3 Brilliant Envelope Craft Ideas for Kids

3 Brilliant Envelope Craft Ideas for Kids

Envelopes are common office supplies and are also readily available at homes. When kids run out of craft supplies, envelopes can be used to give life to a lot of different art projects. While white envelopes work well, brightly colored envelopes are even better. Therefore, next time you buy colored envelopes online for office, get a few extra ones for the kids. Envelopes are amazingly versatile art supplies and can be used to create anything from paper bunnies to decorative gift pouches. Without further ado, following are 3 easy envelope craft ideas for kids.

Bookmark with Wiggly Eyes: 

This is really simple to make and all you need is an envelope, a pair of scissors, wiggly eyes, and few basic craft supplies. To begin, you need to cut out the four corners of the envelope. You should have four triangular sleeves. Take the envelope corners and check to see if they fit one of the top-outer corners of an open book. If they do, it’s time to move on and start decorating it. Glue on the wiggly eyes and add paper ears. If you don’t have wiggly eyes, you can simply draw the eyes and other facial features. Next time you are too sleepy to continue reading your favorite book, simply fit the envelope bookmarks to mark the page you are on.

Decorative Gift Bags: 

Using basic craft supplies and a colored envelope you can create awesome gift bags. Decorative bags are amazing for storing small items and trinkets. Crafting them is super easy. All you need to do is glue the flap of the envelope to seal it permanently and cut open one of the smaller sides. You can use a serrated craft scissor to give the edges a wavy look. Now, you have a bag with one of the narrower ends open. To give it a bag-like look, take the two corners located at the bottom-side of the bag and fold them inward. Now, put the two sides of the open end of the bag together. Using a puncher or a pencil, create two holes. Run a decorative string through those holes and secure the bag making a shoelace knot. Decorate the bag using embellishments to create a custom look.

Envelope Hand Puppets: 

Making custom puppets are always a load of fun. Much like the envelope bookmarks, the envelope hand puppets can be decorated using wiggly eyes. Instead of making triangular bookmarks, the point here is to make square hand puppets that can be fitted on top of the three middle fingers, in a way that your pinkie and thumb are left exposed. Those two fingers can be the arms of the created character. Here’s how you need to start. Seal the envelope using glue and cut it into two halves. You are left with two squares with sleeves. Now, let the creative juices flow and draw the eyes of the character. You can cut yellow construction paper and stick it to the sides of the boxes to create fake blonde hair. If you don’t have wiggly eyes then draw them using markers. You can even cut out lips and noses from magazines and glue them to create a face. See a dental advertisement in a magazine where a model is displaying her sparkling white? Using the outer edges of the lips as an outline cut out the paper mouth and stick it to the front face of the box to give the character a weirdly realistic smile.




  1. I like the first idea the very best (though all of them sound like fun). I think I need one bookmark with bunny ears and one with mouse ears...and maybe a cat at some point. :-) (And I need a tiny birthday gift for someone, too...this would be a great tuck-in...) I just googled wiggly eyes and saw that they make these funny earrings from them, too: Too cute!

  2. (no, i think it's going to be an owl....)



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