Monday, 2 January 2017

Little tips to make home life easier

We face challenges on a daily basis around the home. This can be anything from getting our children to bed to dealing with the dirty extractor fan we have been putting off for ages! But fear not; read on to discover little tips and tricks that can make your home life easier.

Hacks for saving time – There are a number of different ways you can save time around the home. This includes using canned responses to deal with those emails and texts you find yourself writing time and time again. You should also create a cheat sheet for the information you need on a regular basis.

Start doing the tasks that demand your greatest level of attention when your children aren’t there – If you feel like you can never get your tasks done throughout the day, you need to look at how you prioritise them and schedule your team. Make sure you tackle the tasks that demand your greatest attention when your children are sleeping or at school.

Turn your WiFi code into an ornament – There are lots of Wi-Fi printables online today. Frame one of these so that you don’t constantly need to keep reaching for the Wi-Fi code.

Cleaning tips and tricks – Rather than putting yourself through those cleaning tasks you don’t want to do, why not get a professional in instead? You can get an expert cleaning service for anything nowadays. Yes, this includes professional cleaning for that extractor fan you have been putting off, as well as cleaning services for items around the home that require special attention, for example, chandelier cleaning services. If you are worried that you will cause damage to your prized possession, don’t put yourself through the stress – get a professional to handle the task instead.

Use a home alone printable – This free home alone printable is a good addition to any home. It gives you a list of things you should do when you are at home by yourself. This includes chores, as well as a safety checklist.

Hacks that reduce waste – You can use the ideas from this article for inspiration regarding different ways you can reduce waste and make the most of the storage that is available to you in the home. This includes everything from securing an apple with a rubber band to ensure it does not brown in your child’s lunch box to using wire to make space to store gift wrap rolls, rather than them cluttering the floor.

So there you have it; plenty of little tricks and tips that can make your life easier around the home. If you follow the advice that has been provided above, you can give yourself a little bit of rest and relaxation that you otherwise wouldn’t get.


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