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Experience London like a local

London is at the top of many a bucket list, and is statistically one of the world’s most desired city destinations to visit. Whilst London can be an incredible place to visit a lot of people leave London short-changed as they focus only on the tourist sights such as Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

With that in mind, it’s sad that many people when visiting England limit their trip to London when just a few hours away, by train, there are some incredibly beautiful places to experience such as the Lake District in the North West of England.

Many tourists will find themselves looking for a guide to Tower Bridge or the Tower of London which are both great places to explore yet there’s something about seeing London as a local in a more natural and laidback way that enriches your experience.

This article reveals three areas you should head toward if you want to experience London like a local.


Camden is known for having a vibrant mix of alternative markets! The food scene is just as eclectic with a variety of street food vendors vying for your attention as you walk through the covered alleyways of the predominantly chinese takeaway vendors.

However, when you get past this slalom race of food stands, Camden Lock opens out to reveal a much more artisanal street food scene with vendors that serve up high quality offerings from all over the world including Mexico, Italy, India and the Caribbean.

Camden is known as somewhat of a hippy enclave with a slightly edgy undercurrent - it’s a melting pot of cultures, particularly popular with young people. This is the place to get your glow sticks and body paint, as well as incense, hippy rugs and tattoos.


Covent Garden is a more refined affair known for being a great place to eat, drink, shop and be entertained. Covent Garden is at the more affluent end of the market with some great dining options including alfresco eateries where you can watch street performers before meandering back to your luxurious hotel, or perusing the boutique shops.

That said, Covent Garden isn’t pompous. The area of Knightsbridge, home to Harrods and The Ritz have a tendency to be a little stuffy, whereas Covent Garden is more a place to let one’s hair down, albeit in a somewhat refined manner.

If you’re looking to catch a London Show, there’s a good chance it’ll be located within a few hundred metres of Covent Garden in Leicester Square.


London’s South Bank is a hub of cultural activity, set along the River Thames it stretches from Big Ben in Westminster down to Tower Bridge and The Tate Modern. This two mile stretch alongside the river is where you’ll find street performers and independent food trucks punctuating the more iconic of landmarks such as The London Eye and Big Ben.

There’s always something going on in this area, and on the whole, this is probably the best area for family fun in London.

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